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The team in the name stuck even after the company folded so green bay packers but texans Name comes from the dallas. Texans who were a one on. Hold the phone hold on woman. Originally they were a one season team in the nfl. Nineteen fifty two thousand the last franchise to fold in the nfl. They later returned and then moved to kansas city to become chiefs Then they became an expansion team in two thousand two in houston and that name was chosen. Over the apollo's and stallions stallions cowboys in the stallions from texas steers and the stallions from outer inflections. Here's and quick that or not. There's a quiz. let's see no horns. Pretty much doubt colts originally from baltimore which is known for its history of course breeding. So they named it. The colts at named trench remained with the franchise when it relocated indianapolis in one thousand nine hundred eighty four jaguars. It was a fan contest. Entry and it just so happened that the oldest living jaguar in north america was housed at the jacksonville zoo. At the time. It beat out other options like the sharks and stingrays hubbard like the shorts. The bill jaws the dallas. Texans moved to kansas city in nineteen sixty and became the chiefs chosen to honor the native americans it at once in the air and possibly because it kansas city mayor h. roe bartle was nicknamed the chief though. The chargers contest ended when owner barron hilton opened a letter from gerald courtney submitting the chargers. The story is that after. He opened that what he did not open another letter in the contest. Like fuck imagine. I purposefully if they created a time machine and if i had my delorean i would go back and reread. They're all those letters and make sure that he opens the worst name submission. Letter star's the shirts shorts. Yeah yeah starship tacos. The rams originating in cleveland in nineteen thirty six. The rams rams was chosen because the gm damon buzz wetzel. favorite favorite. Football team was the ford ham. Rams college team and vince lombardi's al-matar the dolphins contests drawing twenty thousand entries with more than six hundred fans suggesting the.

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