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Should be one of the best times of your life and they can be as long as you're not worried about money join us at a complimentary retirement planners of America seminar and we'll show you how to protect and maximize your retirement savings so your money lasts as long as you do next seminar is Saturday January eighteenth at the Sheraton Pasadena hotel at retirement planners of America we want your money to last as long as you do learn more at RPO A. dot com home Ben Shapiro seven ninety day ABC when center Stanford and USC warming up for what should be a pac twelve showdown Saturday afternoon the downtown the Los Angeles the curtains are open the light is shining brightly inside the arena and we are getting it said here for the keys to the game something to live just can't be described to truly understand them you must experience them yourself join us at a resort in the beautiful palace Verdes peninsula Los Angeles coast hidden gem for details visit terminates dot com it's time now for the Teradata keys to the game you know what's really interesting about these two teams and we'll talk about it all broadcast will talk to don McLean here in a minute is that really they are in this position is winning position because both are playing excellent defense this season and that's not necessarily something you associate with either of these programs and last decade really good they've been sort of offense of oriented team but not this year so when I look at this game I look at the seventy point threshold I think seventy or more will be good enough for either team to win this one Stanford is help twelve of thirteen opponents under seventy so that's not an easy number to get to when they're facing the cardinal U. S. C. is eleven OO when holding opponents under seventy which they did again to cal on Thursday nights of when the Trojans our sound offensively they are tough to beat and it's really the season impossible to be so far so my guess is first key seventy plus will win this game and it may be the winner won't get to seventy points but I think if somebody does that will be the winning team for U. S. seem to get there the truth is the to use their inside advantage Stanford plays small they have no starter over six nine they'll start Oscar da Silva at the five spot he's really more of a stretch for six nine two hundred twenty five pounds the big man from from Munich Germany he has more of a year game finesse game good shooter high percentage guy but he is not a banger and then their power forward if you could even call notice Spencer Jones is six foot seven hundred ninety five pounds he's a freshman.

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