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Care giver Landeskog was on side not that game that was that was the biggest move that the ad was made up until about five minutes ago are they get you in as the schoolboy work on it Donskoy from the San Jose Sharks not be a trade days sign in as a free agent fifteen goals last year coming off of his best year I in the NHL so some depth signing there they also land can we call him P. ET is that okay sure why P. E. P. E. Bellaire Bellemare bell where P. E. Bellmare who was Amy I think it was the third line center for the night's this past year they signed him to replace Carl Soderberg at a much much nicer number and then it five minutes ago are we giving Dan Rosen full credit for this report yells Dan Rosen is reporting that the ABS have dealt hi Jason berry Alex Kerr for in a sixth round pick in twenty twenty four Naseem Khan jury care is a Callie Rosen or kale I will always care no ale yeah kale rose in in a third round pick in twenty twenty Colorado also gonna take on half of berries remaining salary I as part of the transaction and this is a significant move wall I did kind of hope that the ads would just like have the best blue line ever with all the moves they have made both through the draft and and over the last few years and in the choir and other guys through trades and stuff like that that they have to just keep everybody but this is the way the world works when you make a trade you have to give up something to get something and the ads are now dealing from a position of strength on the blue line with my car and Johnson in by room X. Severa I and they needed desperately someone to anchor a sending second line now over sun Cotchery slides in there as the second line center you can have a cannon and Rantanen who obviously will be back for the Colorado Avalanche next year and for many years to come you have the two of them as they do on the top line then you can go the second line and have Landeskog with Cotchery and then you give Tyson Joe's the third line and you say here you go young fella we've cleared the deck Alex Kerr foot is gone Carl Soderberg is gone the bell mayor is going to be our checking fourth line and you get a run the third line I like the way that this adds rosters shaping up I still think they need to help in between the pipes if not to replace or so plant Philip group our which really Bobrovsky was the only man that was going to do that on the market they got to find a back up I think I don't think Povel Frank whose is ready to be a backup goaltender at the NHL level there are guys that are still out there they are being snatched up the the bad wheels the Blackhawks took robin Lehner you have semi on Varlaam off not that any of us wanted him back but he goes to the islanders and Bobrovsky going to Florida he was the big goal tender on the market and our old Colorado College friend Curtis mackel any will go I am back up vassal last year and die in Tampa so there aren't a lot of guys left on the market but there are some that would be worthy of being second string behind group our and I still think that that is something that the ABS need to do but I like this move I think it makes the ABS bad terror which is why teams need to do because if you're not better you are getting worse and right on cue story number two.

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