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So i i it's a nice day gwei in terms of that convenience factor the most recent book t k one wanna one fast as fuck from two thousand sixteen i think is intended to be recipes that you can cook at home that are simple that a person coming home from a long day at work can get just a handful agreed aliens together and put something out that health fall and costeffective in easy enough to cook in the first place mi right now that's that was the total plan that was the plan you just case here are the dude you'll hear the challenge as uh for for somebody like me so i i i like to eat healthier and i support sort of the concept of vegetarianism and and veganism my i have a little boy who is has allergies to to dairy and to eggs and to a tree nuts and peanuts so we have over the past six or seven years really come to understand an embrace vegan alternatives to to dairy in and and eggs um now he he we we we feed him meet on occasion when he'll go for it but for the most part you know he he often has kind of a vegan diet the challenge that i will sort of share with you in our experience is how to do you know how to how to pursue that kind of diet in a costeffective way so how do you tackle affordability.

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