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D. J. Shockley, Scott Howard, Lawrence Smith, Eric Zeier and your old buddy Honda. We played some offense to last Saturday more with the gang at two minutes. Quality parts. Helpful people. That's Napa. Know how this is the Napa tailgate show. Adam Gillespie is our producer, engineer, Insight Sanford Stadium. Zach Jewel is our studio producer and young Jae Black back for another season engineers with us here on the scan Our radio stage number two Georgia versus UAB, A perfect late summer afternoon for football will be back with the home opener and all the gang and two minutes on the Bulldogs Sports Network. With thousands of locally owned Napa stores across the nation. Chances are that wherever you call home, we do, too, and that's why you can find us in big cities, small towns and everywhere in between doing what we've always done to help keep our local communities moving forward. So whether you stop by a Napa auto parts store auto care center Or visit us at Napa Online. You can count on Napa know how I'm John Addison, a lifetime Bulldog fans Georgia graduate and the chairman of distribution for Primerica largest independent financial services Marketing company in North America. Primerica is a main street company for Main Street families. We help people from all walks of life, achieve their goals and dreams by offering common sense Financial solutions to today's challenges as a Georgia based company, America's proud to continue to sponsor Georgia football go dolls. The dogs are heard right here. This is the Georgia Bulldogs Sports Network. Sure the players bring some skill to the game. But if I don't put them in my lineup, who cares? Not me. I'm Eric Rubino fantasy baseball, GM and league runner up two of the last nine years, I used the progressive name your Price tool with options based on my budget. And for a guy that's used to being in control. It fits like this runner up. T shirt Jam gets a trophy, but you can't wear a trophy. Boom get options based on your budget with progressive, even if you're not a legend in your own mind, Progressive casualty insurance company, an affiliate price encouragement limited by state law, sort of PCO.

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