Albertine, Family Physician discussed on Fox News Sunday


Mental health during the coronavirus so any physical health we need mental health now aside from the general worry that people may be having about their physical health especially with all the news that we're being bombarded with every day a larger toll could be on your mental health a lot of people are experiencing some psychological discomfort because of being of the confinement of the social distancing not seeing their their friends their neighbors not going to work only talking on the phone or via zoom on online it's this is a different world because let's face it but here are some of the health practices to help make sure you keep doing or be doing that help keep you help your mental health during the lockdown period the number one thing they recommend that you had a routine as much as you can yeah we know it's important routine is especially for kids under normal conditions and when the schools are closed many people are working from home told to stay at home it might feel like all bets are off but it's actually much better for everyone's mental help to keep Albertine going as much as possible and think about it that if you write down a routine which if we can make breakfast we can go to lunch we can you know do some work we could do some homework for you real book but unstructured time can create boredom and spikes in anxiety or depression now I'm not a doctor here so if you're experiencing some mental discomfort please couldn't consult your family physician again this is an article from Forbes but spikes in anxiety and.

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