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Boston's news radio, 4 13 traffic and weather together, the Subaru retailers have to relive all wheel drive traffic on the threes. How we doing out like, Well, we're actually doing a little better on the expressway here, Ben. I'm looking at the top of the expressway coming out of the tunnel. It's wide open now. But it's slow going from mass after South Bay and then Brian Dad down to the Braintree split. So again, That's a little better than it was just a few minutes ago. North bound Welp slow going East Milton a passing upon said Circle, then up towards the tunnel, too. But 16 maybe 17 minutes. Either way between Boston and brain trade Route three South has backed up a little coming on to Braintree. But then you're back up to speed. It's really good along the South Shore 1 28 South is good coming down through need him and dead him. But 90 three's backed up either way, exiting off at route 24. Yeah, it stays like that on 24 for a bit and then more brake lights down past 4 95 in Raynham. Up to the north. Let's check out 93. Now high above is the WBC news radio traffic copter. Well, you know, it's just busy here on 93 north and leaving town. Don't think backups. Just a lot of friends with you up through Somerville in Bedford. Once you get past the cloverleaf, or there's a little bit of a backup in the right lane approaching that ramp to 1 28 north. The rest of the ride looks pretty decent. It just starts to get a little busy again up around the Merrimack River Christian AC in the WBC news, radio traffic copter. The upper end of route 1 28 has certainly been worse than it is right now. In north bounds, backed up a little after route to a and Lexington more brake lights up past 93 in Woburn, Route three is clear up through Lowell. Route One is just slow up towards the Lynnfield Tunnel. Downtown. It's pretty quiet and the mass turnpike westbound clear up through framing him and grafted miking WBC's traffic on the threes. We fed temperatures that have warmed into the forties today, and we won't be that warm as we head through the weekend, but That it was pretty nice, even though there was some rain around. We've got the.

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