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Uh all right so all this uh all this discussed what we think this seems going sam seem you were excited about it i'm excited but i also think the pricing stupid in it's very lego like yeah at where it's like they want you to get every expensive box for cardboard a little bit silly but as also design but i think it'd be cool of this got to the point like also lego where and when you're in the impulse item part of target yeah you just pulled a fivedollar foetal foldable toy often it has some kind of nintendo component too yeah that's what i think it needs to get to muddle paper calf known that does something with which and yeah be a big deal and the reason is because the switch a huge investment for parents all right already i'm so it's like throw them some cheap guard war and healthy as it to break cardboard yes i wonder when fouled step in its done uh you know enough to go by a whole new pack at will like a lot oh my cats again wednesday complete mart story the chris eat through cardboard boxes yeah that's true ma'am i kept police carboard yeah i robot backpack is like mike catt's like favorite place to hang out exactly like that a cardboard box you know that big man i have very real concerns about they build quality oven to be fair not build the quality of the carpool but i mean i was that i was gonna say like not all cardboard is created equally there's grades of cardboard so it's like mood even in thick cardboard to this could go either way right leg either it's going to be really feel magical and really special and open up this world the possibility or it's going to be your selling us really expensive carboard and rhonda had like the devil's going to be in the details on it so i'm very skeptical but i will say just big picture we spent so much time week after week on games keep talking about you know four k tvs and hundred and twenty hurts displays and like nintendo continues for decade after decade just like you're all going over here i'm gonna go i'm not even i'm gonna go way over here in light of terrible like nobody else is even close to thinking about are doing it out any.

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