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Four to seven pm eastern on espn radio and i heard both talking about in a lot of the advance stats you look at what cairo has done this year and as much as we want to sap in belgium n v p it's not really mvp caliber compared to the james harden so the world jonaissant into kubo's going to get brought up in that conversation but comparatively if not quite in that same moles but it's done at the right time and we see timings everything for a lot of these war but when and how you do things matters in college football hell say kwan barkley was holding the september heisman not too long ago uh uh and life since chain htc and in sports we always generally tend to look at me late game scenarios and value them more than anything else by the way we have acquired that call at the end of the game now skyring hospitalized freely foul has not string theory may apply face killer night start to finish maybe put the ball is wild fire remakes magic gummy and we got a chill with no baby on this baby stop spurting these logged days without going to happen boston's going to fall in love with this guy because you're already making them feel like they won this trade but this is a this is what happens we talk about this all the time it for whatever reason work intend to do this dance with the cavs every year the cavs who by the way would've they whipped off five or six straight now starting thesaurus leadership we freak.

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