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Explore our interactive showroom today Use time 1138 Traffic and weather on the eighths to rob stole within the WTO traffic center Thanks sandy looking good on the beltway in Virginia between Alexandria and McLean no problems on 66 is speak of so far between Gainesville and Rosalind either direction be traveling in Alexandria in north Dan route wanted given street you're still under police direction for the structure fire activity there traveling and Hamilton route 9 east bender Hamilton station road follow police direction for the crime scene You understand traffic may be alternating on route 9 eastbound near Hamilton station road 15 near love its villa road to south of atomic river we had some ice conditions reported to understand please use caution there 95 sat down clear leaving the Springfield interchange headed toward verzuz for the south on I 95 after Ashland exit 92 so with the right lane block for the track to trail across may want to get off at Ashland to go to either a Panera bread or the cracker barrel in order to get some lunch No problems being reported northbound on I 95 or I three 95 between Fred's Berg in the 14th street bridge of travel lanes are open there Marilyn beltway remains clear between Alexandria excuse me between Montgomery and prince George's county to 70 still a good ride I 95 but looking pretty clear traveling southbound on the bottom of Washington Parkway the ramp to the outer loop that crash is in the median not drawing any attention there but Martin Luther King Jr. highway in Springdale southbound between route 50 and whitfield chappa wrote the following police direction for the crash of investigation No problems in the district on I two 95 but D.C. two 95 it remained clear no problems on the southeast Southwest freeway traveling northbound and Thursday tunnel looking pretty good as you continue toward New York avenue Joined Panera's unlimited zip club and get unlimited coffee for only 8.99 a month sign up on the Panera app today to get your first month free Panera the familiar made fantastic availability and pricing may vary Traffic There are two storm team forest Michelle Grossman It's another cold day today with mostly cloudy skies this afternoon flurries and a snow shower is possible later Highs in the upper 30s to low 40s Tonight clouds decrease.

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