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At two us car factories union leaders there the lord tunnel hiault plants near cleveland and the fairfax plant in kansas city kansas posed for as long as five weeks in june and july lord sound makes the chevrolet crews compact affair facts fills the chevry early malibu midsize car crew sales are up thirty six percent due largely to fleet self malibu sales are down thirty percent through may spokesman jim came confirmed some car plans will see more down weeks that he wouldn't give specific he says gm's adjusting as the market shift from cars to trucks and suvs an ancient marble statues on his way back to italy from the j paul getty museum in los angeles the museum set the statue of zeus enthroned is being voluntarily returned after the italian government said it obtained two recent be discovered fragments of the sculpture the twenty nine each high statuette is believed to date from the first century b see the museum bought the peace in ninety ninety two from an american couple but there's no documentation which says it was legally exported the getty senior antiquities curator at the time of the purchase was later in daunted by italy for conspiracy to traffic in illegal antiquities the case was eventually dropped however in the past decade the getty his return dozens of vont works to italy in greece the wife of daredevil nick will end that has successfully hung by her teeth from a helicopter over niagara falls erendira will and i was tethered to a hoop suspended from a helicopter three hundred feet above the water on thursday after performing if you acrobatic maneuvers she really hung twice by her teeth with the use of attended mouthguard hanging upside down by her toes for a few seconds the lender say the stunned brooke our height record nick will lend us that in 2011 when he hung by his teeth two hundred fifty feet above silver dollar city in branson missouri hey dc did you know that the average person spend hours a week at the grocery store that year not an average person are you there's a better way to get fresh groceries and cut fresh direct shop for.

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