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Author is he wasn't starting the he wasn't ready to play wasn't playing in spring training. He wasn't getting ready for opening day and the now they give them all this time to get yielding and prepare and he sure did. Yeah, he took advantage of every minute of it. Yeah, and IT'S Far. Yeah, it's really cool I. Think it's cool. I think it's neat beyond just you know the Yankees fans and all that I think that there's been so much hype around Aaron Judge and you see him live up to that is really appealing. So which brings me to my next point if you consider Mike Trout in the same situation, lots of hype, lots of this edge extremely justified. Hype but he? This is interesting I. Got this on a headline today that was share. Mike, Trout has played seven times on his birthday. Seven Times on his birthday. Okay. And in five of those seven times, he has had a home run but I thought that was pretty cool. The fifth one in the series was today. So yeah, it's Friday the seventh and. And, I, thought that was that was pretty neat. We don't highlight home runs too often on this show because we think small ball is where it's at, but there are occasions where. there. The home run game is is very appealing. So those. Couple those I think Mike. Trout. The bomb honestly, and when he drops them, so drop some bombs steam better. UNLESS, it's Seattle which he seems to do listen all the time. I saw somebody s somebody comment. 'cause seriously he hit three home run like three or four home runs in three games because. I know I know for a fact, he to one game, but there is somebody is on instagram and somebody commented on one of the home runs on the on the MLB. Post said hey mariners fans calmed down. It's just pay back from US taking a beating all those years from Griffey. Oh well. All right. I can't set anymore. Because, there are certain places where player goes and you know he's going to go yard. It's Griffey, it was. Anaheim was one of one of the many places and for Trout Seattle happens to be one of the many places. So I guess just. Take it on the Chin and go little quid pro quo there. Yeah. Yeah. So, speaking to Mike. Trout. On his birthday. Let let's let's do a little bit of my trout? Trivia. K.. O Now Brig No. Brad. Pitt Times how many times? How many times do you think how many times do you think Mike Trout. has finished outside of the top five in the MVP voting. How many times has he been eligible? Like eight, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight times. Yes. Let that be the answer to my trivia question. Let's move on. So you think he's finished outside of the top. Don't know I wanted to know how many times he'd been eligible and then I nailed it and I think I should get off scot-free now. I see. Well the answer if the answer the question had been, how many times has he finished inside the top five, you'd be right with eight. Oh never finished outside the top five with MVP biting I. Doubt That actually even as a rookie, he won the rookie of the year and finished second. Yeah Wow Jeez has anybody ever won rookie of the year in Saint. No that's an excellent question. Maybe we'll look that up on the break. We'll come back. Let's do that. Let's take a quick break and when we come back, we're going to jump way in or Netflix far into the future, and we'll be right back..

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