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Good afternoon I'm Chuck Todd and this is the Chuck Todd cast so today being being Wednesday if you're listening to this Immediately or later down the road a couple days from now but either way. We are taping Wednesday just after the House has formally approved. It's Impeachment Schmidt managers the articles of impeachment. I'll getting sent to the Senate. The trial is actually gonNA happen. There's so much odd choreography that goes with this part of me thinks it and hey maybe this one could be modernized. Do we need to have the only thing missing. I think is incense that gets taken from one side of the chamber to the other. But we'll have this formal formal thing trials going to begin Tuesday. We have presidential campaign where we saw last at a debate on Tuesday night. What is life going to be like when impeachment and the presidential campaign Converge Verge especially with jurors stuck in Washington not not in Iowa later in the show by the way I'm going to be joined by Steve inskeep host of NPR's morning edition so you will re recognize the voice? Trust me But we're going to look back in time. When America was even more divided? Stephen I will discuss his fascinating book. Imperfect Union about political power our couple Jesse and John Fremont who in his mind and it makes the case who helped cause the civil war at least have an influence on it. John Fremont of course was the first ever nominee for president for a third party called the Republican Party. He was the one before Lincoln. But I I pulled great reporters off of Capitol Hill for a few minutes to give the latest this on the impeachment boats the upcoming processional to deliver the impeachment articles It's our own capitol. Hill correspondent here. NBC News Leeann Caldwell and Washington Post senior congressional correspondent. Paul Kane Leeann Paul. Hi Part of me. Has You here because apparently the United States Senate it's GonNa make it impossible for reporters to actually cover this impeachment Peterman trial. I'm so glad you brought that up. The biggest controversy happening now. We're kind of insider here in the bowels. But we're trying to cover an impeachment pitchman trial and the rules are making it impossible. The and in Paul for you guys to cover an impeachment trial explain extremely restrictive so for the audience. The rules come from a committee. Eighty called the rules committee and the Republicans are in charge and they've created all these guidelines and all these restrictions of movement so how we normally cover Capitol Hills we stand in the hallways we stand in the basements. We wait for senators to walk by and we ask them questions now. They are trying to limit all of that. Having hardly any access s to the senators by putting us in pins not being able to walk with senators though during the jury just being a little circle but I mean it sounds sounds like that's the mentality. I mean restrictions on photographers reporting everything. It's becoming a problem. So Paul you've served on some of these media committees right fighting fighting the Senate over the years I believe never formally I I'm not really a joiner for you but I've always always always hesitated saying yesterday those things and we always had somebody else did it. You never wanted to be the White House. Car Signed Association Guy. You know there's a lot of lot of lot of operations. It's extra work. What are you doing John? I talked to Giancarlo after he accepted this term. And I just thought. Look look if you don't have cable channel it's a lot easier for John. Carr Ah yes joking. That was directed Disney plus so there look during the cavenaugh confirmation. Fight the everything. got kind of out of control Not really on the reporter side of it. Though there were activists more activists that were in the Senate office buildings chanting Yowling at senators sometimes kind of blocking their path to elevators and things so senators and there were mostly Republicans as they were the target. Get of a lot of the activists but also some Democrats just. We're a little bit freaked out over that whole experience and some of what they're doing now. I think isn't attempt tempt to fix that problem. But they're not. They're fixing the wrong problem. The problem isn't the reporters talking to the key. Swing votes over in in in the Capitol Complex self so your your listeners. Understand I mean there's the Capitol building and then there are these underground little subways that take them over over two three office buildings across the street and those three office. Buildings are are where you go to see your senators as constituents and activists anybody can walk in there. You just magnetometer. Yeah Yeah and that you know they want to not be harassed there The other part of this is the senators themselves are forbidden from bringing electronics onto the Senate floor during this trial. They can't play a little APP Games if they're bored. The exact and I think one of the things that we were pushing for was to try to allow reporters to have computers or at least phones that they would silence so so that we could file stories from the gallery as the trial is happening as we did a month ago during the house. Impeachment of They don't WanNa do that. And I think it comes down to. They just like if they're not going to have their phones. Why shouldn't they anyone else? I as much as I want to get more into. The weeds are fights for press access Let's let's move to a little more of the substance Lianne so here we are on the eve of the beginning of the trial and we perhaps have more evidence and the the reason I say perhaps is that it felt like a good old fashioned document dump that the House got left. Part is one of the one of the. I don't know what you call these guys the the one. That's a nice way of putting it. I guess it's an accurate. Its technical definition associates. Have Giuliani. Who I guess? We're helping him. Navigate Your Crean politics politics in the quotes there. He is flipped. Now that you know nothing like the southern district of New York to bring the bring a bring the hammer down on on you and he has what I can't figure out. Is this everything or is he just dripping out in the house. Democrats decided we'll drip it out as well. What is this yeah? I don't know there's going to be more. It seems like there's going to be more But big picture this is this plays into house. Democrats who say that. The Senate needs to hold an investigation into a trial taking out more evidence than and what was discussed just in the house portion. You know McConnell said we're going to discuss what the house presents to us. We're not going to go deeper than this accents. It's not outta real trial because at trials there is new evidence and a judge. Decide sometimes. Okay that's admissible that's not admissible. But it's perfectly reasonable to have you know new witnesses. This is show up at a during even after your initial grand jury indictment investigation right but Republicans response to that is House of Representatives. That was your choice to to close this quickly. Try to get this vote before Christmas. And so they're at an an incredible impasse on how this moves forward McConnell is now I I feel like he's changed his tone in the past week trying to put on the air of he's going to run this very fair trial Put it to his members Looks like you know he's going to have the opening. Statements have the question answer period and then we'll see about witnesses smiling rope-a-dope yeah I mean. McConnell always has tricks up his sleeve gate wants to look like they're going to have a vote on on witnesses. I'm willing to have a vote on witnesses. Yes that's all he's saying well on witnesses. Yes that's exactly. That's that's all these saying. And so really it's GonNa come down to where his members stand but his members are also going to be heavily whipped by McConnell throughout this process. Spoken to get a lot of pressure. I'm sure from the White House There's GonNa be a lot of behind the scenes efforts to try to make sure that this wraps up really quickly. So how how this plays out on. The role of the witnesses in new documents is completely unclear right now so what happens with this new information from love partners. We don't know it. Might I just go into the ether. Might be talked about in the media but we don't know yet that it's going to be brought up in central other than maybe from the house impeachment managers. Paul what do you make at these Impeachment Manager List. I I am. I am surprised. I'll say this in a weird pleasantly surprised that it didn't get that they didn't get out of hand that it didn't get to. What the Republicans did you get an impeachment manager slot and you get an impeachment posed? Did Not do that. This wasn't a lemme appease everybody. Yeah it's the surprising. Part heart is the democratic politics policy. Politics always argue for a bigger table. A bigger table and me to meet me three four five six my my group This was very very narrowly. Condensed look I think she worked with Adam. Schiff throughout This I look at her as the general manager of this team and Adam Schiff is the day to day coach manager and I think It was probably the two of them working together. On what size subgroup they wanted and I think seven is probably a look. They're gone for lucky numbers The Republicans took thirteen Across the capital title Twenty one years ago and then elected him no. So now they're going seven and they've covered enough of the geographic Ideological ideological and ethnic racial diversity. Well it's basically the four big states in Colorado. It's okay it's Florida Texas New York and California in Colorado. Yes I you're right. It coast stall because they were worried about a coastal impeachment. Probably from New York Calvin again if we're flirted Texas or not coastal. They do both border on. I know but as you know what I know. It's a pet peeve of mine but it's like ever coastal Americans are Americans too and you can be a coastal elitist and live in Colorado and you can be a person of the people and live on the coasts. That's okay but when they when. They announced a couple months ago when they announced an a step forward. On the impeachment process it was literally Pelosi and committee. Chairmen were from California and New York. So this gives them a little bit of divert. The and they've got a they've got freshman on their Garcia from Texas and and I like a couple of freshmen couple of of newer people. But then also Zoe lofgren. WHO's you know? Seen a couple of impeachment yes sir. She was a staffer in seventy four. She was here in ninety eight for the Clinton impeachment. This is number three for her And most importantly she is about Out As close to Nancy Pelosi As anyone not named Anna issue as in Congress The day of the impeachment vote on December Eighteenth Pelosi. He spent the entire time on the floor sitting in a all by herself sitting in a third from the third row from the back and the only member that really went up to to her and spent any time with her. Any hours that I watched was Zoe lofgren. Okay let's take a quick pause there and we have sneaking break.

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