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Conley had eight targets seven catches. David moore could always score about that more score. Sabur michael pittman seven targets jr akeem grant. And there you go. We have to injuries at play there. The conley suggestions because the viscous should not left with a hamstring injury and preston williams left with the footage such so grant could be somebody deeply tight ends. You got dallas. You got austin hookah. Jimmy graham jordan reed. I still have a soft spot for jordan reed. Saints are twenty four th against tight ends. They're not very good fifth and dropped at least one right and trey burton at tennessee. Irv smith at chicago six touchdowns allowed to tight ends this year by chicago including three straight games gerald every jared cook jonnu smith all caught touchdowns got checked burton. Just keep an eye. Because jack probably acne plays and the protocol so get cleared by thursday and molly cox showed up on report again with With a knee injury The titans have allowed three tight ends to score at least eleven. Pbr points in their past. Four games are we done with logan. Thomas i don't know if you're done with him you know but the fact that he had an uptick in targets than the downturn in production that type of thing you want to look at chase down target saints. Eagles lions dolphins. Vikings kickers jason sanders mason. Crosby a regal blankenship. Everybody we'll talk to you tonight at eight o'clock on switch and of course..

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