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Inadvertently marching down to a war to protect those interests investor wendy sherman i have a one other question that i'd like to ask you could you stay here for just a moment it's about what we've just learned tonight about this second meeting between president trump and president putin that was not disclosed by the white house can you stick around for dust mask an investor wendy sherman his former under secretary of state for political affairs she joins us tonight for the interview she will be with us when we get right back joining us once again is wendy sherman the former under secretary of state for political affairs in the obama administration madam investor thank you again thank you rachel we got this unusual news tonight that in addition to their formal meeting at the g twenty which we knew about previously up president trump and president putin of russia had an additional long oneonone discussion that took place at a meeting but not are added dinner later that evening at the g twenty and what selim's unusual to me is just an observer is that only putin's translator was involved in that discussion there are no us officials involved in none other than trump and that the white house did not disclose the meeting or give any sort of read out about it is that just strangers that worrying it's absolutely wearing you know if it were as in set at the top of your our if it was a five or ten pool aside 5 or 10 minute cool site that happens all of the time that's which use those dinners four to have a little say to set up a meeting to follow up on something but in our long conversation with only one translator.

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