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I think he could be a powerful that he's been the courageous face of crucial movement against police brutality and. Crockery now you could be a powerful voice because he is highly capable of being a very convincing voice. And I think it would do everyone good including Colin if he launched that phase of his career, but does that mean. He's completely done with being a quarterback, I believe. So is just three years. Kip is hard mean even though Colin. I don't believe Colin is going the everyday dropping back, throw in trying to do all this other stuff. At least even when our Lee, he could not fight. He was still boxing skipped. He was still doing other things, although he could not fight anywhere they took. I think if I'm not mistaken, they took his passport so he couldn't go overseas and fight. So he couldn't leave the country. Yeah, I don't think when when Muhammed he took his stance, Kim, I don't think he thought that fifty years from that day. He would be what he is today. I don't think he thought that that was the last thing he says. I don't believe because of my religion that I should be required to go across the cross, the country and kill somebody that's done nothing to meet. Bitcon ain't never called me. They don't turn dogs on me an award, Aho's demand that does that want me to go cross what he said, Howland cabinet. I don't think he thought what man. I still play them play them to remove from taking the team to the Super Bowl. I don't think he thought that this would cost him his Carino 'cause either he thought that two years removed from Super Bowl, man, that's go buy me some time, but he did it because he's what he saw. This isn't right. I see young Brown men and women being killed in. There's no accountability for the action. The perpetrator that took their lives, what he says, not right. I see what's going on in America. That's not right. So you know what? This is what I'm going to do to draw attention. Yeah. And then when you ask me because when you ask me why you do that, then I tell you, but then even when. Tell you usually? No, that's not why you're doing it and you do it in this make the flag? Yeah, you do it because you don't want to faith the actual issues of what onto because you know what right now, these issues not knocking on your Donatus. Correct. So the new capper Nick slogan for his new Nike campaign is believe in something even if it means sacrificing well, there's some irony there because he's not having to sacrifice financially because they're going to pay him a whole lot of money like NFL star caliber money to do this campaign for Nike, the new just do it. But he did sacrifice his ability to play in the National Football League, and I believe that's still hurts him. I don't know him, but don't you think deep down. I mean, what did you miss the most about the NFL just playing in the NFL right being being around the the thing is you know why hurts because I didn't have a career. He didn't have a career-threatening amendment. If you have a career threatening injury, you all those harlot man. But when you know and you know, others know that you can still play and it wasn't like he failed his last year that wasn't his best year. But he had a couple of big time games last year in San Francisco for a bad team. And so when you know you can play others. No, you can play. Yeah, but because of an act that you did have to your ability, not only to play skip a lot of people just like took him out to board. Yeah. And then when they'd some people did invited me that you sit there and you just talk to it. And yeah, nothing about, you know, play nothing about drawing something up on the board. Yeah, it just so I told you. Early in the show. My fairytale right now. It's almost like a fantasy would be Jerry Jones would step up to the plate and sign Colin capper Nick to be the back backup quarterback. He does not have on his roster right now. He's got two kids behind Dak. I don't think they can play..

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