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Course, Midnight Bourbon Pebble goes pretty special place coming back because extremely special. Curlin's Preakness win here over street sense was exciting is that could get for us? This being our first classic just such a memorable race. And and it appears the horse racing gods are smiling down on Pimlico as they did at Churchill Downs two weeks ago. Because the weather is absolutely beautiful. According W B A. L. Scott Wycoff. He joins us this morning, Scott. Good morning, sir. What's it like out there? Pimlico this morning. Man. I'm telling you, you would think maybe this is a fall football weekend. It is gorgeous. It Z Sonny and 50 degrees right now is things heat up here in old hilltop. What we call the piece of property here were Pimlico is It's gonna eat up to around 70 degrees. So gonna be a fantastic day and like you heard Steve asked. Houston got big smile on his face. And for good reason. He now has the betting favorite in the Preakness. Midnight Bourbon is now the five to betting favorite with Iran. Ortiz in the Settle once we got by the morning line yesterday, and folks started going to the betting window or getting out their phone toe place their bets. A lot of this smart money started moving the way of the five horse been night Bourbon. Very interesting. So, Scott, what is my Madonna spirit? What is Medina spirit down to now? We need a spirit Is that 3 to 1 in concert tour within the spirits stablemate here in the States Spine Ryan this morning is that 4 to 1, the third choice. We're talking with W B A. L. Scott Wycoff there at Pimlico in Baltimore and Scott, of course. Bob Baffert staying home, staying out of the spotlight for the Preakness assistant trainer Jimmy Barnes. Handling the on site training duties. What's it been like around there, especially with the media? It has been really strange. I mean, we thought it was strange last year, just like you guys did last year when there was nobody at the race. Well, it's really strange. When Bob Baffert is not it is great, especially when he's got the two morning line favorites and he's got the Derby winner. So it's been a bizarro world here early in the week. I really feel bad for Jimmy Barnes. Early in the week. You know everyone surrounding him and asking him questions, and he basically went the route of no comment, and then I think he got a little bit of help from some media consultants later on in the week and later on the weekend just started talking about the worst. Uh, in concert tour and how they were doing, how they like the track and was able to answer those questions and talked about things of that sort. And then it went to the 11th hour yesterday. I mean, we were told that it three o'clock yesterday afternoon, we would get the results of Medina spirits, third and final pre race test Well, Three o'clock comes and goes, four o'clock comes and goes. I mean, it's almost time for the black eyed Susan race, which peppered had a billion that also had a pre pre race tested. Well, just before five o'clock, you know, I'm standing literally in front of Medina spirit at the barn with Grooms and the assistant trainer. Well, how do you find out in this world? Well, it comes in a statement and its statement that's tweeted out and emailed out and all that bit and Lo and behold Medina Spirit, the Derby winner successfully passing all three tests cleared to run in the Preakness, as remember the deal that Bob Baffert's lawyers made with the lawyers here. The Maryland Jockey Club who owned the Preakness, was That if any of the tests came back positive that he would have to scratch his horses. Could you imagine if we scratched the Preakness favorite at that time at five o'clock on Monday afternoon, Right? Hey, dog with W B A L. Scott Wycoff there in Baltimore, covering the 146 running of the Preakness today, 6 47. I believe it is post time. Scott. You there on the back side to get a feel You've been circulating with the media. What's the general consensus on the folks when it comes to Bob Baffert, and most of them think he's guilty? Are they just letting the cake bake? And where do we go from here after this race, and after we get, of course, that split sample back. Well, really. It's because when you talk off the record with a lot of folks here don't really tell you what they believe. But on the record Most of it's like, Well, you know, I will just little like that. You know, that's their business, you know, and, well, you know, there are a number of trainers and a number of owners back here that are talking about what everyone is concerned about the integrity of the game, and that's a conversation we're having. And that's a big concern that something like this on such a big stage. Coming off the Kentucky Derby when racing is front and center with a figure like Bob Baffert. I mean, even though you know, outside of Louisville, Kentucky in Baltimore, Maryland. Racing isn't the number one sport in the United States. Right? Five. Bob Baffert has a very high curating, and that's his recognizability in the pop culture in a lot. Ah, lot of people in pop culture know exactly who that white haired guy is in horse racing and have him at the epicenter of Ah thing like this. Really? It's tough for racing to deal with. So like you say, I mean, who knows what's gonna happen? I mean, what if Medina spirit comes out here today and wins the Preakness? So then you're saying Well, you know, it's got a chance to go to Belmont in three weeks for a triple crown for backwards. Triple Crown in the last word on those six years. Then then, a week from now. The test comes back in Kentucky, and he's the championship in Kentucky that Derby wins is taken away. And, you know, then what happens in the Belmont and then and then and then what happens here? If Medina spirit just doesn't show up? People think. There you go. You know, the horse, you know, didn't show up..

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