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In my opinion, hopefully it'll get back and back to normal and hopefully the woman who was injured by gunshot will recover and the law enforcement officers will recover as well, anyway. Curfew goes into Effect in D. C in 25 minutes. All right, Mr Gibson. What's on your mind right now? Local issues. The Legislature what he won't talk about Um, well, I just want to amplify and something You just said it When you said grenades. I went. Oh, my God. And it's I think it's smoke grenades. So I think the police are actually trying to do something. Well, they're flash bangs, so they're not. They're not. You know, they're just they're They're too stunned people. Whether they're protestors. They're using them. Or the police. They're using them. They're not going to injure people. They're just going to scare people. Well, I hope they arrest people. Lots of them. In any case, Let's talk about cheerier things. You know, since I spoke to you last time. I can't remember when I last spoke to you. It was on your show generally recently because you're on my show about three weeks ago four weeks ago, But in any case, retake as 15 what we called transformation of the bills that were advocating for the roundhouse. And we have a survey that we're asking people to take on doll. You have to do school, retake our democracy dot or g'kar and sign up and take the survey so that we have a better handle on You know which of those bills you like the most and which ones you want to fight for? And we asked people also to sign up or our statewide legislative alert because we're going to continue to do that. We've been doing that for four years. And, um, threw that you will get any email in the evening the day before Bill is going to a committee or the floor for a vote. And you'll get it. Contact information for the legislators will be hearing the bell speaking points a summary of the bill, the bill number etcetera, etcetera, and all that comes to you in a timely basis, and now Because this is a statewide effort and because The Legislature will be held by zoom people from throughout the state can weigh in and so we've actually seen an explosion in our numbers. You know, we've been doing zoom in ours. We call them zoom in ours. We had one with Senator Wirth and Speaker Egolf and pro TEM elect Mimi Stewart. The first the second of December and we had almost 360 people on the zoom and you know that Z many times what we would have had if we had done it in In Santa Fe, and it's also had people from virtually everywhere in this state. So we're diversifying our base and We've also created a new advocacy strategy. I mean, this year we got had our list of bills. 2.5 months before Bill started being introduced formally this Monday. And because of that, we've been able to, you know, talk to legislators Early. One of the things Roxanne noted many times last year is that she had the feeling that legislators already knew what they were gonna do when the hearing opened. And they've made up their mind. And so what we're trying to do is have discussions with legislators and their constituents, not just anyone and retake. But retake folks who are live in and vote for those ledge senators and we're focusing on the Senate. And so we have 567. We've done four and we've got several more scheduled With senators and their constituents, and the purpose of this isn't necessarily to try and convince them of the merits of our bill, but to hear what they think. And so, for example, in one of our in our very first one with Mimi Stewart, she really just sort of, uh, ex Exposed herself is not really understanding what the bill was about what it would build. Be specific. What? Bill Health Security Act? I'm sorry. Okay. Good moderation there and bringing me home on that one. The Health Security Act. And she was talking about how we really need to understand, Maura what the costs are gonna be. And you know, aside from the fact that we've had three studies that show that it will save the state money She's correct in that the bill the way that I mean the plan the way it is articulated. Now there are a lot of teased across and eyes to die. That will change things. And so but the but the bill this year Calls for one year study done by a board a state board of people in the Mexico who will they're not really studying. They're gonna work through the details. This is how it will work. And when you do that, then you will know this is what it will cost. All right. And so then the plan is in 2022 to get it implement. I guess it Paul Gibson from retake our democracy, he said. You have Maybe three or four more of these coming up with constituents and people from retake and everybody conjoined these across the country there on zoom. Easy to do, everybody can you know? All you have to do is log in correct. S O tell specifically which senators in which Bill so People can say we all I'm put to put a note on the refrigerator for that. So, so I just wanted to tie that last comment. Uh, because, miss, uh, speak speaker, Senator Stuart Really showed she didn't understand the bill very well. And one of the board members for Health Security or New Mexicans campaign was on the call perfect at rather than call her out. Quietly. She had conversation gave her information and then subsequently, Senator Stuart was on a zoom with the Unitarian Universalist Church. And when someone asked her about the Health Security Act kind of put her hands up and said, I get it, I get it. I'm all in favor it out. Good job, So that's how it works. The whole point is to identify where someone doesn't really. And this is no knock on any senator. There are so many bills and so little time and no staff. So you know there's no way they're gonna have read through the thousands and thousands of pages of what bills will look like. And they are citizen legislators. They are amateurs. Did you know today's the birthday of the State of New Mexico? We turned 108 today. Happy birthday, Steven, A Mexican Happy birthday state. Alright tells it like a specific bill and and senator that will be in one of these zooms that people can tune in on. So it doesn't quite work like that. We have teams that we've organized and we have about 200 people so far, and we're adding every day and they are all organized in different teams got you and those teams are specific to that senator. So when they talk, they won't be talking to a bunch of people from Santa Fe. We took Peter Worst word on this one. Said, organized these things by constituents, and so we have and so on our website under the legislation menu in the home page of hover over it, you can get our strategy. That's one page. You can get our bill this That's another page and you can get our schedule of zoom's with senators that have been scheduled. So all that information is there and you don't have to be a policy want to do this? I mean, we're organizing this so that three or four people on the call. Know which bills they're going to introduce. They're going to ask them about that. They're gonna be well prepared. The other people are there to show..

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