Joe Biden, Vice President, Florida discussed on Radio Mass of Baltimore


Connected with stimulating talk. And breaking news on talkradio six eighty new Baltimore and wcbMcom. Defending his interactions with women. I Jane Metzler, Fox News as Nevada politician Lucy. Florida's claims and alleged incident involving former vice president Joe Biden should disqualify him. As a candidate for president Biden says he doesn't believe he acted inappropriately when he appeared at a campaign event for her five years ago Florida's who was running for Lieutenant governor then alleges Biden put his hands on her shoulder smelled her hair than planted a long kiss on the back of her head saying it made her very uncomfortable. Florida's supported Bernie Sanders in two thousand sixteen his reaction or no reason not to believe Lucy. And I think what this speaks to is the needs of fundamentally changed the culture of this country and to create environments where women feel comfortable and feel safe. And that's something we've got to do the seventy seven year old Sanders on CBS has face. The nation is set. Second to Biden in the latest polls. Although the former vice president has yet to announce his candidacy devastated students and staff on the university of South Carolina campus after twenty one year old Samantha Josephson was kidnapped and killed over the weekend. She got into a car thinking, it was the Uber. She ordered the actual Uber. Driver went looking for her her friends knew something was wrong when she failed to come home, which is which is heartbroken for Josephson family early this morning police made a routine traffic stop on the Impala just blocks from where Samantha I got in it police say the driver twenty five year old Nathaniel rolling, then ran away before cops gave chase interested in. Investigators say they found blood in the passenger area and trunk of the car along with the victims cell phone, Dave kinship with FOX station, W, T, X half and to Marine Corps pilots killed in a crash near.

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