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Features include reading badges kids earn for how often they read or the types of books they read and more some gamification kind of stuff and a new feature also puts a quick definition of challenging words available between the lines of the book and turn that on or off there's a few other dictionary related features in there for helping kids understand words but first time that Amazon has targeted an e reader particularly at kids I love this idea as a kid I read prolifically I often challenging word where it was like mom what does this word mean she say isn't sentence we'd figure it out amongst nice to have a little bit of like a some sort of a something that echoes my smartwatch where it says like you've read a really good amount keep going you know smarter that kind of thing I I think that that is really motivated and certainly for certain kids and I'd be interested to see if this could be integrated into schools a little bit more so that Teachers could help you know what champion was kids along Yeah Yeah Yeah Roger I'm curious if that free time service you know I don't know that you have a bunch of these Amazon devices so so maybe that's a nonstarter right there but is it attractive to you and your two daughters actually but I don't like you said I don't actually have a lot of amd or amdi Amazon devices I can see it being more useful as my daughter gets older but she's still at the stage where she wants to watch very erratic stuff so it's she doesn't have the attention span guests to sit through anything more educational than five minutes. What about other educational situations I I mean I'm like got some possibilities however I don't know if there's an educational version of free time or if it's really seems to be really targeted a parent's right now in fact I don't think that there is one I think that it would be a great idea for Amazon to figure out how this could be integrated into schools because you know oftentimes the teachers are the ones that are encouraging kids to read and do more educational things on on tablets anyway Amazon also updated the fire Jacobites of internal storage with Microsoft E card expansion any USB port battery life is ready to.

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