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They're like for people who can't take care of anything. It's like get a path. Oh so you can put it wherever it doesn't need a ton of anything and hilariously. I typed in the words of Apophis and it's actually Pothos places right? It's actually a pothos is the name of the elf is the the album It's the name of the name of the plant. So you've got you've got a couple of those or one of those or got a I got a couple of those I've got I have a snake plant. I have to snake plants. Actually. They are also would be very familiar to you or anyone listening if you're like what the what the hell is that? Like they're just kind of the tall leave. It's just kind of like Spike my friend described it when I bought one is like she was like, it looks like the hair of someone like a cartoon on Nickelodeon like, yep. Yep and their conversational plants because they kind of look like but they look like at all like a like a look like a bunch of snakes standing around. Yeah. They also are pretty hard to kill ice and can be and what you know, you don't need water them much right? And then I've got a pet. I I've got a pencil Cactus, okay. They're just it looks it looks like a lot of green pencils all glued together. They'll put in with their many. Yeah. Okay, many many many sticks. Okay, and it's another great plant that like as long as you got some sunlight you can forget to water it for. Yep. For weeks at a time and it'll just YouTube you guys because you're getting me holding the phone up and perfect. I won't set a bonsai tree. Have you ever thought of you ever done any reading cuz I haven't ever had one. I feel like I wanted one when I was young cuz I remember there was a bonsai kiosk in arm off like I want one of those and my mom would be like what your ten you can't I'm not buying you a plant. Like I think I was Thirty and I killed it in a week and yeah, they see him delegate Jewell. Yeah. Yes. I'm very and but very pretty it was it was gorgeous and sadly kind of like I feel like when I see them and maybe this is because I only associate them with the kiosk in the mall selling a very specific job. Laughter style but like it almost felt like they had a whole scene to them. Like well the pot like it looks like like that one side umbrella kind of situation where the world shirt where the truck is on one side and then they've they've they've curved it to make it look like sort of a shade or an audit. Yes, and I guess I don't know what kind of tree it was. All I know is the guy who made it home and he gifted it to me. I killed it immediately and I felt really bad about it. He was like, that's all right. I do I make a lot of them and I was like, okay right off. And.

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