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You coming the two of the best in the PERSIC. Would you agree. Yeah Boy Star Wars is back baby. Beef back is back because we can back with. Amanda Lorient the reason why thirty year we waited a lot of shit but but we we deserve what we get right now the Mandel Lori lawyer looking at this Airbud excited because we can back to that to the dirtiness Innis getting back to the scum and villainy that greedy western feeling. That old Gangsta Shit. Man I just love it arch not not I. I'm loving man nut. None of that. None of that cute goof ups kid stuff sin begging like man I was talking about rough and dirty dirty star wars in by the end of the episode. We were like Oh so killed. We thought we was talk. Shit we thought we will hardcore mark none none of us none of us. None of us could resist the power. Our of Baby Iota right here. You know it's a it looked a loved it across the two hundred Chihuahua and somebody's grandma the little little old ladies. That look like a excuse me. Can you tell me which are the you know this is. This is something man with this baby Yoda. This thing is becoming phenomenon man with with something that we thought would not ever be associated with anything cute and cuddly. And you know this man to Laurie and you know and we all we could not resist the moment right from the first episode Martin. The moment that the Lauren the tough fear bounty hunter when he did that. Et Finger touch wood. Baby Baby Iota right there. Turn that tough bounty hunter and to a pitch along with the rest of us. Man Betrayed his principles but with trae his principles men. Our Hearts Milton when that happened. And I'm going to tell you today. Do not be fooled by this thing this baby iota. y'All fallen for you. You talking about how cute it is. But I'm gonNA tell eighty something behind those big adorable. Is this something very cold. The something calculating us going on with this thing here and and that cold and calculating thing can bring down everything that we have grown to love about this series the Mandolin and if you've been watching the show some of them may be obvious. Some of you might have already mentioned some of it. Some of it. I might need to make you aware of what you're talking about until I am here to let you educate us every so hard coming here. Every Sunday to enlighten these people. It's a somebody has to do. It's the burden falling on you. Crush your dreams tell you that what you thought was beautiful and cute. It's actually something nefarious and dark. But that's what we have here does baby Yoda now to know baby. Yoda you have to understand. Baby Yoda in thing about baby. Yoda's it is like first of all. It's not Yoda as we all know. You know. It just looks like Iota I. Of course it's not iota iota has been long dead. You know it was remember remember was was empire strikes back where he was trying to try to get those last words.

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