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This piece off on billion Mike wanted them to do a sports center piece about their relationship about how he taught certain people in this town how to be sports fans because to me were you startled where any of you startled. I know it's been a septic tank down here in sports for a long time. But we're any of you startled by the fact that the Marlins have had ten managers and no playoff appearances since Wade arrive the dolphins have had nine coaches including Nick Sabin, and no playoff wins. The the hurricanes. Haven't won even the cruddy ACC one time since Wade start it and the Panthers haven't won a playoff series either. ACC clemson's won two national titles. Florida state's one won three national titles. Cruddy ACC. This guy mental punch in the face. Yeah. The Panthers just hired their sixteenth coach in twenty five years. No, no stability. Now. The coastal though, where you buy where you guys surprised by that at all that the losing has been that much around this winter also they did win the ACC in basketball. I I was aware of that. And it's one of the many reasons why Dwayne Wade is special. Why he's so beloved because the franchise is the only winning team in town over a sustained period of time. It's pretty remarkable when their average when they're five hundred and fighting for the spotlight this season. It's monumental disappointment. Only because we expect so much. It is a monumental disappointment. The most expensive team in the sport missing the playoffs. And this twain way thing gives us a little bit of feel good. But he's right about the raised standard though. Mike because yeah playoff. I'm we're old enough to remember when Steve Smith and the heat making it to the hawks in the playoffs. It's something that mattered around here. Icke smith. Yeah. Oh, what a terrible nickname. That was a physical series to think there was a brawl. John CONCACAF was in the middle of it yet grand long by line. Grant Long was one of the scary. Miami Heat blessed with intimidating powered Fords. I mean PJ Brown Grant Long you UD hundred we handle this. You d thing too is I know tonight's all about Dwayne. But this is a little awkward coming back next season. Just because he wades gotten all this attention. He's like, I I get one of these. Well, you d hasn't said he's retiring, right? No on the contrary sort of leaking out. Although he did that thing on media day where he likes it on a hoop, and we all just assumed it was a retirement thing. He didn't say it's word, those explains Wapping jerseys with tonight is it going to be do you d I would self. The younger version of himself. They're going to have like a hologram. A hologram tonight. A cool moment will be if you checks into the game. I mean, I don't know how doing how air expulsion approaches this because they technically have to get it. So I don't know if he's like I'm gonna play you down as twenty five minutes, that'd be a little odd considering they need to technically. So when you guys sitting here doing pistons math are we doing pistons math because Orlando in Brooklyn now in your only hope is that in Charlotte beat us Detroit in Detroit the other day, your only hope is that the Troy loses the rest of it's games. Right. Yeah. Pistons a their form is as poor as Miami. Lately. They've lost four in a row. However, they're playing Memphis in the Knicks. So it's brutal man for all the indictments of this year's heat team. And Wade has been one of the few positives of one of the greatest you could file it when they needed the games the most they played their most losing basketball season. There haven't been a lot of losing streaks like this then needed all the games, and they lost all of them. Yeah. They did four in a row at the worst possible time, but they have put up a fight though. I thought that loss. In Toronto was a tremendous performance by Miami. It was a great performance. I mean Toronto's very good, and they caught up tough break with the inbounds Aaron whatever was happening with the referee also their comeback in Boston..

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