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Lost on the audio podcast experience loss, but we knew it have you and I knew it happened. Which is why this is my fourth time here is because we really don't give a fuck what anybody thinks we're just gonna keep talking and say nothing to. But run some of my favorite podcasts of the entire series of this podcast have been with you because shit and and vice versa. This is far and away. It was my very first ever. I didn't know what a podcast was really verse time your very first pocket and know that how and look what you've spawn look what I've done look what I've done. Do. You do podcasts. Do you? Are you seeing other podcasts Ron Perlman? I'm the only I'm the only one that. I know that doesn't have his own podcast. It's Ben and soon that I feel like that. We think we talked about this last time, you should do a podcast. And you're like what the fuck am. I gonna talk about. I don't know. I just feel like you'd even I'm not really good at giving us shit about what anybody else thinks which is why like what you do is. You know, you're able to like the really great podcasters and interviewers in general. There. There's they have a space somewhere inside of them with where they're really curious about one of the people. What what other people think and feel I'm not that guy. I just you know, I don't give a fuck what you're going through right now. I don't wanna know what you think about anything. But I'm so grateful, you're asking for my opinion because that I really care, but that's why you don't have guests on just you just do like a ten minute monologue. Like ten twelve minutes. Okay. Like, you know, like dosa Perelman. That's the that's the best pitch. I've gotten so far today. Anyway, that's all you need to be an hour. You don't have to talk to anybody. You it doesn't it can be, you know, like one week could be like some indepth thing about politics. The next one could just be about, you know, a bowl of cornflakes that you had that you rather happier. Angry about it doesn't matter. It's that I and you could bang them all out pretty quickly..

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