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Sign up bonus. Two-day he is Steve Physic- I think by now. Most of you already know this. The only two time winner of the Super Bowl of professional football gambling the super contest at the West Gate Casino. He's a stud. He's the math guy. He knows the numbers. And by the way Steve. This was your idea but coming up next week. We're going to reveal how we've done over the last few years Birdman. Todd Bergman helping us with that at L. Birdman very much looking forward to that at exports and only at physics sports on twitter by the way at Ross Tucker. Nfl that's twitter that's instagram. That's facebook. Facebook DOT COM SLASH. Ross Tucker. Nfl I think most of you know former. Nfl journeymen much to my surprise. My Dad's five nine a buck seventy and as per the picture. I posted a week ago on my wedding day. I was just about six five three hundred and thirty seven pounds happiest day of my life spicy mustard for life. Anyway I got a bunch of podcasts. I Love Them. I love that you guys love them. I love that you guys tell other people that you love them. I love that you guys tell other people that you love them and then they tell other people that you got you got matrix here. Jeff Schwartz is going to join US former. Nfl Offensive Lineman. I mentioned that today's Ross. Tucker football pockets. Andrew Brandt by the way was amazing on today's Ross. Tucker Football podcast. I love when you guys rate and review show. We have a big announcement for this show coming next week. Big like big big next week so very much looking forward to that. We don't do very many announcements but we do have a pretty big one by the way if you listen to this show and you like the action. I'm picking four more people to go against me and Joe Dolan in best ball ten fantasy fantasy football draft like. Let's do it right. Get chance to win a free hundred and twenty bucks. I'm not asking you a painting in you have to put any money in all you have to do is say all right. Ross. Let's do this. My friend sign up. Fantasy points dot com use the code feast all caps. Send it to me. Ross at Ross Tucker Dot com and say Ross. I want a piece of you and I'll say okay. Let's do it speaking of..

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