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Carson Donald Trump, Republican Party, Leroy Gingrich discussed on AM Joy



But I have to question though. We saw this happening last year in Virginia where it was MS thirteen Republican candidate, and I remember living in Maryland having to see those ads over and over it backfired on him. Yeah, we saw that in eighteen with the Republican congressional candidate. They're doing. He started off with tax cuts. Guess what tax cuts on unpopular. So why did he do he? He really went in on awful hateful immigration at and what happened. We won a seat that we should had no business even being competitive. We being democrat. So they're doing this. And I, I think it's going to backfire in some areas, especially in these sync swing congressional districts that were all talking about. The Democrats have a real chance of taking back. This is this is what he had decided Donald Trump months ago that he was going to end on this hateful immigration rhetoric, and this is what we're seeing, and you're absolutely right. And I think we talk a lot about Carson Donald Trump doing, but he is not the author of like he's some sort of strategic genius. This has been a playbook that's been played before Georgia lot today. Let's go to Newton, LeRoy Gingrich of Georgia who who's who's played this game before. He's been in the game along time. Here is Gingrich on Wednesday who lives in his best life. Now with Trump in on Fox News saying what he thinks the closing argument of the midterms will be taken. I think two words are going to define the night of the two thousand eighteen election in the next few weeks. One is cavenaugh and the other is caravan blatantly saying that they're going to tell the base of the Republican party that we think that your main drivers are defend somebody accused of sexual assault and that we think your major this, what they think of their own base. Why Democrats just go to their bases, you know what your party leaders think that you are. So anti immigrant and that you're so afraid of Brown people that that's all it takes to get you vote. That's what we should do. One of the things that I've always believed is that this president is making this country small. This is actually a great country. When we live up to our values when he attacks immigrants, he's tacking valley's tech, tacking our history. We gotta push back on that and tell the Republican base that immigrants do make this country. Better? How is it like myself and one generation I can go from sun immigrants farmworker. So lived in one room Dobie house to a member of congress? Right. You know, my sister who's I'm very proud of my sister. This is actually a personal issue for me. She actually because of the fear that Donald Trump has. Put out there for the first time in her life. She'll be becoming a US citizen on Tuesday because her son was afraid of. She went to visit her ninety five year old grandfather for his birthday. She wouldn't be able to get back. We are better than this. The Republican party is better than this and we need to bring them back into the fold of the American community because it's not. It's not about Democrats not about Republicans. It's about one America. We need to bring them back into the fold because that's what's gonna make us better. And this is what they're their leaders think of them that they can play them off with lies and this perception. Yeah. I mean, it's rather it's something I'd be eating. It isn't salting away just your ordinary rank and file Republican does that. We can just Brown kid. You're going to respond to their voter. Scary. Part of all of this is Donald Trump has talked about using active military duty to close the border. Never mind that there's actually precedent, but he can't do that that you're not supposed to use military to enact domestic policy. But also this is the president who's never even been to visit the truth. This is not somebody who gave it to me live ever. Her bones Thurs. Senate every where. Calls them. So the fact that this is when he chooses to tap into the military for something that is a, we go. Again, this is somebody who doesn't even understand how the law works. He doesn't understand the difference between the legislative and executive and judicial branches, and we shouldn't let that give us every week because this is somebody who is pushed the legal precedent before actually one that the courts Jess struck down his sanctuary city in San Francisco..

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