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Health sponsorship opportunities by going to WTO P dot com and search health. It's 7 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Jack Taylor and the traffic center. All right, wades are said Germantown we may have a trouble spot two 70 going south we'd been heavy in our band and down to one O 9 than a bigger slowdown as you leave one 21 just past middlebrook road well before you get down to Montgomery village avenue. We'd had word of a crash just unclear if it's along the left to right side. Expect a little heavy traffic again in Rockville, then slow at the lane divide, going down the spur headed onto the outer loop. Topside add a loop, you're on the brakes from 95 to Georgia avenue, getting slower south of town on the inner loop, the delay now after branch avenue heads past saint Barnabas road down toward the Wilson bridge. On two ten go in north, crash cleanup was up near Livingston square before old Ford north. It had been blocking the left side of the roadway. We're also slow as you ride the south on the bottom of Washington Parkway through the beltway interchange then getting slower after two O two riding into the district slowly onto D.C. two 95 to a point just before Pennsylvania avenue. It was utility work, water main break, 22nd street northwest, northbound closed between F and G streets, also F closed between 22nd, 23rd. It was police activity blocking southern avenue between 23rd and 25th streets in southeast. All right, the issue V dot now with it in Virginia 95 going north into Springfield as you head up toward the ramp to the inner loop of the beltway. That's where we have a broken down big rig in the far left side of the roadway. 66 headed east, we had some delays that were getting into manassas. There was a crash after the rest area over on the right shoulder. Now getting slow again as you approach and pass 50, 28 south and centerville after westfield's boulevard, that wreck had been along the far right side of the roadway. Being ready for any weather with crop Metcalf's $99 heating and cooling check one 800 go crop or visit crop Metcalfe dot com. Crop Metcalf, home of the 5 star technician, Jack Taylor WTO P traffic. And our forecast here let's check it out with Chad Merrill. The coldest morning so far this season

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