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On morning edition from NPR news house lawmakers vote today on coronavirus legislation that includes guaranteed sick leave I'm no well king and I'm Rachel Martin we'll talk with the Italian ambassador to the United States about lessons learned from the crisis in Italy New York state Attorney General is cracking down on price gouging in the wake of the corona virus and we look at the psychological toll of a lockdown that has gone on for more than fifty days life in Wuhan China it's Friday March thirteenth rapper common celebrates a birthday today turns forty eight his next live from NPR news in Washington I'm korva Coleman president trump says he'll hold a news conference today at three PM eastern time he is to discuss the corona virus outbreak meanwhile house speaker Nancy Pelosi says she's close to agreement with the trump administration on a legislative package to deal with the corona virus the food and drug administration says it's going to permit private lab testing for the virus this will begin in New York state the director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases Dr Anthony Fauci says this will speed the delivery of virus testing kits to Americans it's dangerous to give times but I would think within a week we're going to start seeing a real acceleration of testing and then as we go to three more weeks it'll be much much more he spoke to MSNBC several states are closing public schools to fight the virus and beers Corey Turner reports Congress and the education department working on plans for children who need school for food and health care it began as a trickle earlier this week with closures limited to individual schools were a few hard hit districts including Seattle's but yesterday the floodgates opened the governors of Maryland Michigan New Mexico Ohio and Oregon Allman out statewide school closures some for two weeks some pre even longer the governor of Kentucky also strongly urged his state schools to close in some cases the closures appear to have been prompted by the discovery of someone who had been infected through community transmission meaning they had not gotten the disease by traveling or through contact with someone known to be infected Cory Turner NPR news this morning Washington DC announced starting Monday it's students would not return to public school for the rest of the month as covert nineteen continues to spread through Europe countries are closing schools to and public events NPR's rob Schmitz reports confirm coronavirus cases in Europe are three times higher than a week ago he Lee whose government has declared its country a red zone is the worst hit followed by Germany which is nearly three thousand confirmed cases five times what it had a week ago the southern German state of Bavaria has announced it will close all schools beginning Monday the city of Berlin will begin closing schools next week too authorities in the Czech Republic are taking the most draconian measures issuing a state of emergency and instituting a travel ban from citizens of fifteen countries mostly in the U. Denmark is also on lockdown shutting down all of its schools in banning indoor events of more than a hundred people rob Schmitz internees Berlin officials say the Boston Marathon has been postponed until September because of the corona virus the masters golf tournament in Georgia has been suspended indefinitely on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average is up five hundred sixty two points or more than two and a half percent the nasdaq is up two hundred twelve points it's up nearly three percent you're listening to NPR live from KQED news I'm Brian what the number of bay area school district's planning to shut down in response to the novel coronavirus is growing the San Francisco and west Contra Costa unified school district as well as the San Mateo Union High School district plan to close all schools for three weeks starting Monday all three districts do have classes today though San Francisco school officials yesterday closed at Glen park elementary after learning that seven students there had respiratory illnesses Berkeley unified is canceling classes for its high school effective today the rest of its schools close starting on Monday the district is tentatively planning to reopen on April sixth and all Catholic schools in the San Jose diocese are closing for two weeks starting today South Bay congressman ro Khanna is criticizing the trump administration for failing to get testing for the corona virus to those who need it Kanha says he expects it will take months to acquire enough tests to address the pandemic in the US but he says he believes Americans will pull together to find solutions we're going to get past it I mean we're we're going to get past that we're we are a very resilient nation the challenge event.

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