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And i felt really had all the benefits of understanding her identity and even she admitted that she was hiding who she was and started a spark in me in terms of. What are we missing here. What's going on on the college campuses. And as i became more educated i realized there's a lot going on the college campuses that the kids are going to college and they're not aware of and they're not prepared for an after the ad l. conference. I remember walking out. And i said to jude. We have a problem because it was mostly adults and it didn't get into the details. There was a lot of really great information but it wasn't detailed enough. No wasn't really the kids weren't able to hear what they really needed to hear and so i said to her we have to do something. We talked to michelle and we decided we were going to start a seminar and the seminar was called know before you go and we had a lot of community support from that And as a result of that we set up an entire seminar and we had a keynote speaker and breakouts and tremendous setup and then covert hit and as a result of that we said. Well okay. we'll do it online. And then shortly thereafter we realized zoom is not a place for six hour seminar particularly since the kids. Were already zoomed out. From all of the schoolwork they ended up doing online and slowly but surely as a result of that we created tribe. Talk which is really an information hub as well as a connection in all. Stay with you if it's okay. Let's define the challenge. The problem where tribe talk can certainly make a difference so let me start by saying not every student who goes to college ends up being confronted by anti semitism anti zionism that is certainly not the case and a lot of students go to school and have a great experience and don't really have any sort of interaction with any negative experiences however many jewish students are faced with some form of antisemitism somewhere along the way their college experience and unfortunately they're getting it from the extreme right and extreme left so on the right. They're seeing a misses a rip down from their door frame or they're seeing a swastika on a building that they attend like a hill l..

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