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Big brother, nineteen big brother celebrity to this is fascinating stuff. And it's disgusting about human nature. I think so I okay. So then I had flashbacks to remembering watching Lolo on champs versus pros or whatever. It was the challenge season that she was on. And I was like oh, yes. I do. Remember, she yelled a lot. And and so this is an off brand necessarily for her. I think putting her especially in this house just sort of compounds that, but yes, I agree with you. It was. Pretty interesting behavior. Yes. Tom, and Katie we're going to talk together catos like house just trying to express that. I feel hurt that they betrayed us that they sided with Ricky over us in that hurts them not trying to threaten anyone he apologizes. I'm I'm sorry America for blowing up on Lolo. I didn't mean to do that. And then they start to wonder, okay. With all these blowups doesn't really seem like Joey is on our side. Here. Joey has not Joe is still talking with them. They're spree Ming at us. Joe? He's talking with them Joey supposed to be with us. I feel like we probably don't have Joey he's also a much bigger threat than candy. We should definitely work on keeping candy at this point. Right. Yeah. So okay now, we're starting to get a little bit of strategy regarding the vote coming out of all of this because. Yeah. Like, you said we have this conversation with Tom and Kate and the gem where there's sort of working through all of these things, and Tom just I felt so horrible for Tom now moment because he was just like, well, she's saying that I'm sexist and stuff like that. Have we threaten people like he genuinely no idea what she was talking about and Kato was talking about. Oh, well, I want to go talk to loan. Don't go talk to her. She'll just yell at you. In his apologetic mode. Yeah. Maybe I should go talk to Lolo, and that's going to go poorly. Oh, yeah. But yeah, just meanwhile, Joey and all of this. You know, he's in the conversation with Lolo and Natalie and Ricky is out there. And so, of course, you know, Joey is like agreeing with everything, and he's it's clearly like he's not with tomato anymore. He's now on this side. But of course, he floats around a lot and does a lot of bathroom things as Batman. So like who really knows, but my favorite my favorite moment was actually from earlier in the day after the yelling session happened. And it was Tom and Joe in the kitchen, Joey, why do we have so many coffee, Creamer? It's like Joey important things that we worrying about right now that whole the copy creepers out, okay? Not that. I mean, look, I there's a lot of drama happening. I understand. But like can we please keep the kitchen cleaner? We want the cl- the Creamer. We don't want that out on the we don't want aunt skies. Well, yeah. But then okay, we'll talk with a K mart and the cookies later. But yeah. Each other priorities in his life. So so now the goal is. Okay. If Kato view vote to keep candy if we could Dina to keep candy, then we just need to get taymor. If Tamara votes to keep candy. It's it'll be a three three vote. Tom will be able to break the tie in favor of keeping candy. This is a very real possibility. There is in the midst of all this drama, some genuine we don't even know who's going to be a victim tonight. So that's that's nice. Tom Cato have sort of rebounded a little bit in the strategic game with everything when everything is blown up. Everything is out in the open your mistakes. Everyone's starting over basically. Yeah. So I mean, essentially the way I see it in a house right now. And we can talk about where we think K mart is gonna fall because they think taymor is really in the swing vote position for this. Because essentially, you have Ricky lo lo and Natalie that are all going to vote to evict candy and keep Joey and then on the..

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