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I have a business in crystal lake and we have thirty employees that are counting on us to help them through this we listen to governor procure every single day hoping he's going to give us some indication on what the password is going to be we never address it's always just doing good oh my god you know and we need to make some plans by Clive get them patient equipment and we're just kinda locked out here I got very disappointed so what would you most like to see done I mean how can they help you how can we help you well I mean if you face in different industries I think we have a salon and day spa we need to know what the progression is going to be for us over the last three things done are we the first one to save them and what what do we have to do to meet the requirements for sanitation proposal distancing we owe three thousand square foot area if you could eliminate up to two people in the in that business well what I want to ask you this is Shelly this is a great point what would you do A. as as a business owner how would you make it safer you worried about your customers potentially coming in who are infected or getting infected I don't have any I don't have any problem waiting till June I mean I know this is highly infectious but I think we can operate just the safely of some of the central business both were gonna social distance we're gonna do tons of sanitation we're gonna put up partitions we're going to our our our new waiting rooms can be our parking lot you know we're just gonna be very very careful and also I'm in a county where we really don't have the number of cases like Chicago so I'm sorry I don't again was that McEnery county McEnery county okay yeah are you concerned about it though or do you think it's not coming to you I I just think that our population here might be a little bit difference were spread out a little bit more were a little more rule so I I I don't know if we're ever going to see the huge peak like we've seen in Chicago our circumstances are different I I'm I'm all for giving it a little bit of time a month is fine with me but beyond that what's the plan what's the point you know there's just nothing all it is the doing gloom he doesn't seem to care about small businesses at all I never hear mention it other than to say some of them are going to close which is not what we want to hear we we need someone in a little bit more yes in fairness you know we monitor that every day we either played live we monitor it and he he does almost every day I've heard him mention that sell it I do want to be fair to him in that respect he does talk about but the question is and because this is a gigantic mystery this is what we're seeing though in I think in the main is the difference between more exurban which is what you guys would be not quite world but but you know beyond suburban kind of communities and end suburban and urban communities which are being affected suburban communities are being affected yep we're pretty hard by these things as well even though they again it's it's Benson how far people away from each other to your point Shelly which is sure I know the other the other consideration for us and many businesses that were lucky enough to obtain one of those loans would hope we can be forgiven at the end yeah I wanna be open now by the time that loan money runs out and I was worried about it being forgiven did you get one of those we did okay regulations I know that I talk to in the center today who who got one too and it's and it is it was a crazy rush to finish here and there's more money coming out tomorrow so congratulations John MC Gee and I you know I listen I I hear you I think most people do understand that there is a difference here but then you know I guess pretty scary because if it does hit your community it hits it so hard and you you're not gonna have the same medical back up that big cities have you know you just don't have that that that robust of the systems of all this and you've got thirty people who need intensive care you're not gonna be able to handle that you know I mean that's that's part of the problem that you but did your community is going to have to construct handling that sure I understand that but I do know people that have you know not gone in for elective thing that like you mentioned earlier that you know they they found a lump in their breast and you know they haven't been able to going to get a mammogram get attacked again on some of these things are kind of taken on a life of their own and what what's the what's going to happen to those people you know is there some collateral damage here that we're not considering that is that for sure all rights well Shelly thank you very much really appreciating good luck to you and congratulations on the loan that's that is a big deal Colleen that you're on WGR go ahead telling I think a lot about the golf course and I have a conversation with you while I was in my car I wipe it away from goal by the golf course and of course you didn't have a golfer why not allow the whole we're back here obviously working with the dental business but you want to go out called Lockport that are solid for the next month yeah watching the ball for hi this.

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