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He's the man that Beacon orthopedics and sports medicine. He's also the Reds medical director, and we turned to him for input on what Joe Burrow. Is dealing with what he will be dealing with. And what the future holds. Always a pleasure to spend a few minutes with Dr Tim Kremchek. Doc. Welcome. How are you? Doing? Well, I could be doing better, but I'm doing all right. Thanks for asking. You guys. All right. Hang in there. Hang in there. Take us take us back to yesterday. And just in the moment. What was your reaction? As you saw, the cameras panned back and and Joe on the ground. Well, when I first saw it, I mean, I watched the whole game and some go back, so his foot planted Then I saw him get hit up popping and somebody roll into him. And first thing I thought was Carson Palmer. As first thing I thought, foot planted on the ground stabilized his knee had nowhere to go. Wasn't going to Flex forward like it normally like to do it since either going to hyper extend or go in, and that's what happened. And it went in a matter of fact, the TV didn't want to show it again because it looked pretty gruesome. And when that happens, obviously, he's tourney is ligament in his knee. Hopefully just the HCL in the M C l but Knowing on seeing that mechanism of injury. They carted him off, appropriately evaluated inappropriately, and now it's time to move on to step 23 and four Yeah, when? When he had that foot planted in the contact, You know, people say I'll see how a C L u population. Well, that's a non contact. Normally, you guys are making the violent cut. They'll just pop. It will be a clean pop. But this one With the contact and with the torque. Like you said, the hyper extension, the bend and all that sort of thing. You got to think. A C L M c l like you're saying, Do you think terrible? Try it. I mean, God forbid the PCL goes and could there be damaged any the patella or the kneecap of the nerves, and that's what you have to check on at this point in time, and then all the collateral damage possibilities. Well, you know what? What happened? What you first think, And you learn about this. When you see football injuries with the foot planet is number one. The most devastating thing that can happen is a dislocated name. And sometimes in the will hyperextended. Okay, pop in the place. We all remember Napoleon McCallum him believe when he hyperextended and dislocated his day and he actually had nerve and vascular damage. And so that's what they were assessing. And certainly you can assess that on the side. I'm sure they're doing tests to assess make sure everything The arteries in the back of the knee, that Papa feel artery and all that is Peyton and good. But when you take an injury and you get that severe of an injury and you need goes in that far, it's definitely the medial collateral ligament and the A C L A lot of times the lateral meniscus. Sometimes there's some slight we call sub Conroe under bone fractures to post your crucial ligament could be involved. So people have to realize that When you have an A C l pair the classic A C L tear was Kijana Carter put down twisted, Hey, walked off the field in Detroit. I remember I watched that too, But, you know it's a non contact, twisting injury. Most of the time. This devastating injury is more traumatic. And more things involved, which then allows it to be a little bit more difficulty. As far as what do you fix when the effects it how far how fast you get it moving? When can you get him out of a brace, functionally doing the things he needs to do to come back? So it's a little more challenging? You know the whole idea here? I mean, pop, not not only a professional athlete, but number one pick franchise quarterback. I mean, a lot of people are gonna have their input into this toe. One needs to be done when it needs to be done, How it needs to be done. So Sometimes that can that can be a little dicey and difficult to deal with us, an organization and again doing this for 25 years at the professional level, you gotta be able to sort that out on the docks for the Bangles have to sort that out. You know, kind of settle on the right thing to do not only for him but for the organization and his future duck from from that standpoint from what? What it might look like today, swelling Emery, what kind of time frame before in a perfect world, A surgery could be done. Well, if you've got a knee that is so swollen and so aggravated. You don't operate on that right away. Because the operation you would add an injury. Aggravation to an already aggravated me which makes rehab a lot more difficult. So you've got to wait for the swelling to go down now again. It it depends on what else is tourney Medial collateral ligament. You know, you don't want to wait too long for you have to go in and fix that. So there are some variables here, but you've got to get that swelling down a little bit of motion to the knee before you going toe that insult of serving Because once you operate on this, the key is to be able to get that motion. As soon as you can. You don't want to stiff me. So again, it's gonna be a little dicey, so that's why the politics and the opinions and everything needs to be doing today. Make it very decisive decision and, you know, let's put the poor Joe Burrow. I mean, this poor guy's been get beat up all year. He's got the way to the organization on his shoulder. He's a tough It seems like a tough guy and a terrific guy. You know, most of these athletes want to know number one. What's wrong? What do I need done and do it. Get it done so I could start looking on the other side of this onto the rehab side of it, and when I can get back, not waiting around for 72 doctors to decide what to do when it had to do it. You have time to make a decision on the process. And really when you look at it you talked about. Don't wait too long on the M Steel because it could shrivel up, right? I mean, you don't want to, just like shrivel up nothing you need If you want to be able to repair something I'm assuming and with with respect to the rehab, that's the big thing, isn't it? I mean, most surgeries go pretty well and then it's up to the rehab. And I feel confident with that. Because Joe borrow is not only of you know, five star Recruit five Star person. He'll be a five star rehab guy. I mean, he'll be dedicated And get after rehab is harder, harder than anybody. But what about he's represented? He's got an agent and the agent probably has a relationship. They have relationships with everybody. So he probably has a relationship with the doctor. And in a rehab person, the Bangles have Doc Galloway and Nick Cause. Great great rehab guy directing rehab Dark Galloway respected surgeon What kind of political tug of war might be going on now between you know CIA who represents job are on the Bangles organization..

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