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120 countries. I'm Michael Barr, this is Bloomberg Tom Paul. Michael Barr thinks so much. Bloomberg business of sports with the shift I watched the other day in baseball. I still don't get it. But now we have relief pitchers starting games. Jeff passing over to ESPN today with a smart article on breaking the cadence of starting pitcher to middle relief to one guy that mops it up. What we grew up with is gone. There is no Sandy Koufax anymore. You don't have that. You don't have the pictures that we had back in the day. The Denny with tigers, man. You don't even look records anymore. You don't say like it used to be, if you're a great pitcher, you had 20 wins in a season. Yeah. Yeah. Nobody gets that anymore. Remember the Baltimore Orioles had three pitchers one year Jim Palmer and two others that were killed. From a Bloomberg business of sports standpoint, is this just there were so much money that the worry about their arm is completely taken over. Denny mcclain didn't care about his arm. He would just pitch until. I mean, we all fell off. You're too young to remember this, Michael barber, there's a guy named Christy Matheson out of bucknell, who tragically died early of TB, but a guy like Matheson pitched himself out of baseball. I get that's the bad case. A hundred whatever pitches a game. Pretty soon he couldn't throw the ball, but have we swung too far the other way? No, well, I think this is the way you're going to see the game go, because you're going to have it broken down in three segments like that. You got started, then you got the middle, then you got the reliever. You're going to see

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