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Sixty talk and breaking news. Am I wrong till like fixate on the high speed rail? Like, am I is high speed rail is that project is at such a rip off John? Is it such a rip off in such a disaster that it's basically like come our collusion thing? Like are. We hate it. It's the worst and people are like, I know, but we're just going to keep paying for it because we have to. Yeah. Yeah. Is it like a like our collusion? We won't give it up. It's it's it's pretty sad. What a what a huge rebuff. It is one hundred thirty Billy saints one hundred billion please make a small it's only one hundred best conservative. How how what does that do for road projects in our state? Oh, there's no other road projects. Fresno. Which go on. Nice. But they're tearing it up. Yeah. I wouldn't want to be caught in Fresno. Well, just just dry faster to run the cop. I will. I will trust me. What if I told you this is very interesting the Orange County? Register got the story they're asking the question where will California how is two point seven six million Molyneux's who are going to need housing here in the state of California. Now, why does this matter? Well, it matters a number one because housing is like a nuclear issue. I mean that is a humongous issue matters for that reason. But more than that just so happens, you millennials are a pretty broad spread in terms of age. Yes, we are the millennials are broad spread. It it's not. It's not quite you know, it's not quite monolithic. So the OC register with this with this op, Ed piece. Where will southern California house two point seven six million millennial homebuyers? It's equal to two hundred seventy six thousand more locals.

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