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What was it like when you first came to Japan? Oh, Madam big culture shock. I had no idea. What I was actually coming over to do. Was when I was talking to fall, and I had little to no looking back, man. I should have really looked into the workings of new Japan. I was more looking like trying to technically risking was. Okay. Trump is good as a cabinet. What I I had no knowledge of kind of the background of the company really hilarity new new that goes like yourself in Idi and stuff had come through because that's really looked up to w e because you guys kind of stuck out above everyone else. And the thing goes had in common is that you'd been through his so I knew that. And then once admit David started watching this stuff more so but like a lot of the. Yeah. The the history so it and some of the older guys, and I don't really have much knowledge of it. So that was a big shock for me journal, obviously linen that stuff. So you didn't know like how much history Japanese, and I had no idea how the DOJ. Oh, works in terms of these young boys that do this for however long in the black like I didn't come over with black trunks and boots. I had to get them done IV because I know I did that No, I had I no idea. I was coming over to be. I didn't know what a young line young. Boy was really. Yes. I really had no information on what I was coming over to do. I might training racing. And we're getting paid I'd idea. So it kinda just came over in. That's really interesting. So I just had to kind of see came over just on his recommendation and very much yet like, and then I remember trying to get some information from folly like before I came over at. But a I didn't want it to come across like, I was questioning it. I just wanted to you know, I had a girlfriend at the time that I was going to be going away for going away from and I had no idea how long that was going to be as well. So trying to get out of the people, and it was like, I know I'm just going to Japan on everything, you know, what I'm going to be doing this. So be like I said, I didn't want it to come across them. Like, I wasn't keen on..

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