Murder, President Trump, FBI discussed on One Shining Podcast with Titus and Tate


He thought he worked at Nike, you know, no big deal code said wind talking about the black market of basketball players and how deals fall through all the time. He said, I'm surprised there aren't more murders. It's a corrupt space. That's what the man said. I'm surprised there aren't more murders. It's a corrupt space and people in the headline. And then the headline I see the next day is like, you know, well, Bryan Bowen senior says his son was getting paid seven thousand dollars stipends. I'm like, well, that's not the headline folks. It's I'm surprised there aren't more murders, says the guy that's on tries. There aren't murders more murder. No, not not murders. I'm surprised it hasn't been for. For more murders like some murders have taken place that we got knows that we will ever hear about those, but just he's the president or more. What wait. What like, no, nobody in the room was like, hey, wait a second Merle. What? Hey, I'm sorry, Miro rewind. Did you say more murders. What. So that's all I, that was my headline. That was my takeaway, holy shit, dude. So that's incredible. That's the problem with the whole thing. It's like, we're, we're, we're all we're trying to write like the the, you know the the big piece, the journalistic piece that takes down the system at large. Let's write the law and order piece that's wait. Their murders that are happening. There murders happen in for. I shouldn't be laughing because what if they're really, I assume he was laughing when he said he joked, he was joking. He was like, I mean, honestly, I'm surprised there aren't more murders were, and then they're all laughing. There's no insead overlay people in the room also that that's the craziest thing about all of this that we're talking about is the department of Justice said, this won't be handled until probably the end of twenty nine thousand nine. And then the incidentally can come in and do a cleanup crew and everything. So none of this really gets resolved two years at the least did it the NCAA just past the isn't that part of the Condoleeza Rice saving college basketball wasn't that one of the rule changes was that the NCAA now basically let law enforcement handle their investigations, and then they just sit there and let everything play out and then they can jump to their own conclusion based on that. I think that like I think that's their thing like we're not gonna show up to these trials. We're not gonna really care what anyone saying. We're just going to wait for the for everything to get settled, and then we'll make our decis. As though we are just as informed as the FBI is because honestly we have like three people that can enforce our rules for us, and we don't wanna put all three of them on this case. Yeah, and they really don't actually, and we would rather go after Cleveland state Tate. Yes, we would rather go after, you know, NC stays so mad at. Yeah, we go out there and see state. That's what they wanna do. Poor NC state feel bad for those guys yet. Do Mark Mark immer is. Who do you think is easier to hate? I mean, they interest I was about, say murder, Roger, Goodell, but the answers Roger Goodell because more people watch the NFL though, but I don't know like who who has a lower approval rating from, I guess, people probably don't mind him or they're probably a ton of people like, I don't because most of the people that probably hate him or just people think players should be paid. Right. So they're probably a big group of people that don't think players should be paid. They probably don't actually have a problem with them, or I guess what just feels like that guy is I don't the easiest man to just you just doesn't matter what he's doing. Just be like, look at this jackass. He won't even show up to the trial. Yeah, he won't even go to the trial. I mean, that's pretty much the the biggest s pretty bad. That's the biggest knock on this whole thing is that we have the FBI investigating whether I mean, really it comes down to the crux of the whole thing is do NCWA violations deemed to be criminal. You know, like you're breaking criminal laws. I mean, that's where we're going to get down to, and most..

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