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And now headley entities upset that you'll have a report well aides i don't know it's just it's why do i have to smell your shit so where do i supposed to either pop at home in a movie theater anywhere but it's not work saryu opposed to eating snacks there were no it will depends do i smell the snack well i mean foods have smells right now i mean the by bus open a candy bar you're not smell and it you'd have to be right up on me and in european the weird on people khust not not nobody not it's out chocolate is x what is what is that is that twix now you are you tweets at no people with strong noses then within their the weirdos there there were there the weird ones then so chocolate candy bars argh okay cores what else is is okay to eat as your deaths um i don't i don't really we're talking about food etiquette right now daddy you've taken over conversation give anything with this doesn't have a real strong smell i sometimes people will bust out way i've had people like fucking come in and warm up spaghetti a and spaghetti hour i'm a i'm a big spaghetti at work digging if if it if it has the strong smell it carries over there but against melt than you're being you're being inconsiderate take that shit stairwell when go eaten you'll be the stairs go into your car bs exerting gotta carry it through to always the get to your car now there's a break room downstairs go to the breaker.

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