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It can't be trusted well. I'm so awesome that you know about fifty missions What's the end. I don't i think so didn't we. Didn't we have that guy Yes talk the the good mixing. Yeah yeah should post racist right. Yup and he's supposed to be he's supposed to be back yup years season to me. He works mixing. He's exactly the kind of new age mixing that you want. Yeah speaking of mixing house watching some justice league action the other day and they got they got gilbert godfrey back to do the voice of mixing louima skin crawl but he fits so well for the animated xy does he does like his voice can be nails on a chalkboard but i mean he's completely unique in his voices perfect for frigging cartoon Into anything this is true and true so but yan knicks lee. Says if you help me get outta here that dreaming some that bringing something out of the dream is power that they have In niyaz you know. That's that's against universal law I don't know where this universal law comes from. But i mean it must be something must be something unique to their race because of their ability to enter and exit dreams and stuff but universal law that. She's not supposed to dream anybody into reality and initially is not supposed to bring anybody back from the dead. She's saying that she can bring her mother back debt for for twenty four hours all made me think of is like me. It looks like where you this. Power is a puzzle to learn this power not from jeddah. So when i thought of. When i when i usually think about you can't bring somebody back from the dead it always. I always go back to a lab. I don't can't bring you. Don't like not pretty kinda her story. It's very contained. Vary away from everyone so we kinda got her up. And it's kinda workers like he's like the.

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