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The the scene whether in the the What do you call. Where do you keep the debt. The mark the the seamer there in the more contact the person like with the bloated dead co corpse in guy gets up and attacks him. I thought that seems very scary. Especially because like their flickering lights on off and all that stuff like that. I liked win and this is where they played very smart to the dynamic of edin lorraine warren the where they corrupt ed and make him attack lorraine cold warned for ed lorraine but it make it attack rain and i thought that was good. Lorne michaels i'm possessed possess Dr evil impersonation do lorne michaels. Even even that associate am not going to riff on that be. The more thing was cool because the i liked that big bloated. Yeah be It reminded me of the last of us two or a big big early resident evil video game. Zombie get get a little. It tickled fascination a little bit. I think the so at the end of the movie. Obviously she finds out she. She goes to see john. Noble's characters named kastner. She goes fine find out he says. Well i got a little more information for you. turns out. It's like my daughter. And i was a priest i got kicked out. Because you know. I just had sex kicked me out at the daughter and then that kind of ends with like what you're saying but it kinda comes ahead with like a really cool scene where you know. He has a sledgehammer right and he take sledgehammer. And you get this really cool. Like maybe over dramatic shot of hit bringing like what you think is bringing a sledge. Hammer down laura. But it actually. She brings it down on the altar. Embrace it in it made me think of zack snyder. For some reason that whole thing where where he just he's bringing it down and it kinda cuts like. I don't know if it was slow mo i think it was slow. And he's like you just use great look on his face and he's just breaking this altar and then the the colt did the colts character comes out there like yeah we. We broke the curse in this. They say that like she starts twisting and turning which i thought was like a cool way to like vanquished enemy like seemed fitting of the movie. I had no problem with the way that ended. i think he was a little neat..

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