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This program. Learn more about showman Rogers practice areas and attorneys at showman Rogers dot com. The cyber executive order tasks agencies to improve their cybersecurity posture, observability across systems and applications requires a trusted partner for ink is an IBM platinum partner, helping government turn observability into automated action, four ink empowers agencies to maximize productivity and efficiency through IBM's installer observability platform, detecting risks affecting customer experience, paired with IBM's turbonomic software, users automate and ensure continuous performance, visit fo you are INC dot com to learn more. Ace photo dominion camera customer appreciation day is this Saturday, April 22nd from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.. Nikon representative Derek skaggs is an Ashburn and will walk you through all new Nikon mirrorless cameras, and Zee lenses. Then it's your chance to get your hands on a Z 9 for a test drive to see what makes the Z 9 the most powerful Nikon ever. Nikon instant savings ends on April 30th. Get the best Nikon prices on customer appreciation day. Learn more at ace photo dot net, Nikon ink limited warranty included. Everything you need every time you listen. WTO P news. It's 6 45, I'm John Aaron. And I'm Michelle bash, a local woman is living a dream by moving out of her executive office and into a tent. Two weeks ago, Chris Howard was living in Reston working an executive position at LabCorp. Now? 15 miles from the border of Georgia and North Carolina. She's 55 miles into a 2200 mile hike on the Appalachian trail. It started when I was at Friends of mine's cabin. He had a map of the Appalachian trail. She became obsessed. Two months later, here I am on the trail and without a job. There are challenges, especially since she never camped before, learning how to set up a tent start a fire. But it's the experience of a lifetime. The whole hike should take 6 months. Michelle Morello, WTO news. Rates of chronic absenteeism among students have more than doubled in Frederick county, Maryland since before the pandemic. Chronic absenteeism is defined as a student missing 10% or more of school days. One school leader tells the Frederick news post, the increase is likely partially due to students following protocols around isolation and quarantine during the 2021 22 school year, children with a mild cold or cough are also more likely to stay home than they were before COVID arrived on the scene. A record 35 yearlong run has ended on Broadway

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