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To whittle down is they might want someone that thinks Yeah, I'll let you know if I don't get the Rangers job. Yeah, I read that Gerard Gallant. Just kind of maybe the Rangers choice. I know the I think it was The New York Post is reporting that he well, yeah, I think it was the post. He's the front runner for the job, but it's It's um you know, it's like anything free agency. One guy's gumming up the works right. The Taylor Hall trade is gumming up the works. That it might be Rod Brind'Amour right now that is gumming up the works and use that phrase for a third time. Brenda Moore, who has not yet re signed by Carolina, right? The Some of the reporting is that that's gone. It looks like it's happening. He's thinking about his assistant coaches, though, and if Brenda more does not reset in Carolina that Chris Drury and the Rangers would want Brenda more, which would leave Gallant Out. And then where would gallant go? So the Sabres? You know, I told you last week From what? I'm hearing Granados, the front runner. But maybe he's only the front runner because they think The dominoes will fall a certain way. And if they fall differently, all of a sudden, Gerard Gallant or Bruce Boudreau, where somebody comes calling and they're available. You didn't think they would be. Yeah. I mean, I wouldn't. You wouldn't think Brenda more wouldn't again. It sounds like from what you were just saying. It's less about what Brenda Moore's contract is going to be and more about, I assume what more money he's trying to get for his assistant coaches. But you wouldn't think they would that Carolina Despite losing to Tampa. I know they're disappointed about that. But you wouldn't think with what he's done down there that would, Carolina hurricanes would run any risk of losing Rod Brind'Amour. Um the story about the salary cap for coaches salaries, their owner is fairly well off. And I think has spent liberally since he took over the franchise, so I would. I would be surprised if Brenda more makes it to the market and doesn't return to to Carolina, which would then open the door for, I guess Gerard Gallant if he indeed his front runner, take the Rangers job. Um Anybody else looking Columbus named their guy. Nobody else. Uh, any other teams that are right. That's it, right. Is it just the Sabres? Oh, I forgot. That's right. They never named talk its successor. Hold on. Just I'm just looking this up real quick to make sure not Calgary, Right? Calgary. Has Sutter. Yeah, Detroit's bringing Blashill back. We already know that it does not make sense for Calgary to stick with Darryl Sutter. It makes zero sense I think you have to. I think it's like a name thing. I'm I'm just kidding. But they are. It looks like they're sticking with every every three years. The Calgary flames have all right. That's what I said. I I think it's probably built into like their lease or something like there must be a by law. Somewhere that says you've got to You can't go so long without a Sutter. So here your vacancies right now that are openly vacant right now. The coyotes, the Rangers and the cracking Jeremy's favorite. I forgot. Seattle has a name their coach yet, right? Yes. We can't say that. No, I'm going to say it. Seattle. You know, Seattle, call Gerard Gallant. Who are they waiting on? Good. Right. What are they waiting for? Waiting on. Then And then, Of course, your coaches that are unknown As of right now include Rod Brenda more, because well, would would Ron Francis, try and convince Rod Brenda more to not stay in Carolina. I mean, Sure. I mean, you know you You would think that Brandon Moore thing would be done fairly soon. Tomorrow might be the Jack Animals Award Award winner this year. He's a finalist, right? Yeah. Quenneville and Ever since, Yeah, he should win it this year. I can't believe it. Yeah, I guess if Brenda more doesn't sign you brought up the Rangers, Jeremy, I was just I forgot. I mean, the Ron Francis connection to Rod Brenda Moore is a logical Dr Adopted, You draw a straight line through you. You would connect those two. You would think Seattle would have interest in Brenden Morrow. If there is any indication he's not staying in, uh, in in North Carolina and the only other ones. Obviously that have question marks with the Sabres because of Don Granado and they're open search. And Dominique Ducharme with the Canadians, But I'm I'm sure pretty sure Ducharme is going to be sticking around. Hey, the one thing I threw out there because Drager actually did this so I don't know that he was Specifically, I don't think he was specifically connecting the Sabres, as like. I'm reporting type of thing, but it throughout the name Lane Lambert. As far as in the discussion of could the Sabres be waiting for someone whose team is still in the postseason? In that answer. I believe he brought up Lane Lambert, who is an Islanders assistant coach, and I want to say he was on track to staff in Washington, too. I think he followed him to the island. So I'm just throwing it out there because when I heard Drager do that, I thought, Jeremy, this can maybe gets to your discussion of a model and how, you know, Copycat league and all this stuff. Is it possible that you know They'd want to talk to Lane Lambert. Look at the success The Islanders have had since drops came over. Look at the success that coaching staff had in Washington, the discipline game. They play the team defense. All this other stuff. Is it possible? That's the guy they'd want to talk to thinking. Well, you know, you've been around a tremendous coach and look what you're doing. Look what they're doing on the island. Let's get Lane lamp. I'm just throwing that out there only because Drager put the name out. There is a guy that maybe Is quote, gumming up the works or that that teams are waiting to talk to him. Yeah. No. The Sabres are. Is it wrong? Is it should we assume the Sabres are at the bottom of the food chain? For all this? I'm not trying Arizona might be lower. I don't know. I mean, yeah. I'm not trying to take a shot at the Sabres. No, I'm asking Are they at the bottom? They are I mean, I I mean, we all know everything about them. Right? So Yeah, the Rangers? Is that a better job? I think so. I think the Rangers have a better roster right now, you know? Although you do you do better job You do work for a crazy owner who now might actually be a not be, you know, playing around with the hockey team because his basketball teams finally winning Carolina the better job. I think Rangers is a better job. Seattle is a blank slate. I don't know how you want to rate that compared to the sabers I the only team would be Arizona. And I mean and part of that is because of their ownership instability their financial situation, which is seemingly always teetering on the brink. Speaking of the Seattle hockey team, I have to apologize. I teased something on Friday. I'm going to get that now That's it, Then I believe that's a new record for teas..

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