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Moon Propofol Hall of Fame quarterback. I think if players look, diversity is much more acceptable than it's ever been before, talks forward John Collins. What in me that continues to wake up every morning and go out there. Like a madman still questioning myself. I am delighted to welcome Dominique Wilkins. Very few guys who have that it factor. Trae Young is one of those guys. Dustin Johnson, number two in the world. I don't know how much of a rivalry that actually until they're going to parking lot. All figures arrival, Isaac Bruce Hall of Famer, Matthews had a lot of regular season success. As far as postseasons concern. He doesn't have much to lean, great Marv Albert two poses at home. They are so excited that I'll be able to spend a little more time more than my wife is kind of other facts. The biggest names in sports are here and it all starts weekday mornings with Sanjay willing to been and continues all day. This is ESPN radio. Today and Golic Jr Trae Young has continued to lean into this idea that sports are also allowed to be a show. It's allowed to be entertainment, and I'm starting to get to the point where I look around at the sons. I look around at the Clippers. I look around at Janice in the books right now and wonder he may not be the best basketball player. We can have that conversation. But if Trey Young, officially the biggest star that we have left in this NBA postseason today, and Garlic Jr weekdays at four Eastern on ESPN radio and now watch exclusively on ESPN, plus Some meat. To stop me because I'm having a good time. Max Elements show on ESPN radio ESPN. Plus, Jason fits filling in for Max. I'm not going to interrupt Queen. I mean, they go. You know, you got to let the beat drop. Can you say that? The Queen? I don't know. All right, obviously, a lot of conversation happening right now around name, image, likeness and The whatever you thought it was going to be. It's bigger. It's more impactful, and it's making more of a difference to the sport immediately than.

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