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It was hilarious. Thank you. Again. Christopher B I found the clip. It's AMC rule show. Sixteen seventy this is from September. Twenty fifteen Joel McHale. Gina grant and Brian Bishop Joel, six appearance on the podcast Adam talks about flying private from New York. He comes up with private jet therapy. He talks about an incident with Rob Lowe. We rather not get into, and this leads into hilarious conversation were adamant Joel are essentially denying the I'm not a cardiologist. I'm not this. I love it. Together. Can't wait. Let's go. I just got back from New York as you guys know I. Fuck was nice took a private jet to all. Main Korea fueled by angry say jet this isn't a crop duster. That's twenty feet above the ground. And you stop every line, the all pans it. Okay. The rear. If you're sitting in the rare now a six hundred five miles an hour is the speed that the G for whatever flow. And we made it like us under four hours. And by the way, the thing about the private jet, it's the only mode of transportation where you start to get ready to get out of that mode of transportation. What ready yes you can't say that about a bus or a donkey whenever climbed off? Donkey went all ready. We're already the bottom of the Grand Canyon, time flies, aren't even asleep is, are you renting private jets? Now know there is a rich man named norm. I love them, and he wanted me to go there to do some podcasts thing. And he said, I'll I'll get it yet. And the greatest thing is just the leaving when you want to leave and not having with the rarity. It's incredible. And by the way. Sharp. Contrast the following day on the ride on the flight home. We went commercial and it was great did the plane, not have plans to come home. The he was going off to Atlanta. And now we I was there for literally twenty two hours in New York. But the, the thing that was great was, we're then going home and me and Mike August. We're going through our pre check line. And we were standing there in the line. And this again, this is the part I miss about the airport. We're pre checked. We got our global pass and all that kind of stuff here, they're out of bins. They don't not out of bins and they're out of the doggy water saw the dish in the been are all gone because they all want to the other side, and nobody stack them up and brought him back because that would burn a calorie. So call loudly were you screaming at this point? This is Mike August at this point because. Because we put our backpacks on the conveyor belt, and they started going down the conveyor belt and then we started looking for the bins, but there were no bins. So we were sort of holding our phone. Oh, you the dish for your phone while loan money clip, or whatever just go right through their code, or whatever. But where are your shoes? But you can't carry your shot, I've cell phone over there. So the guy, the delightful gentlemen, at TSA was yelling at Mike phone, turn around turn on Mike holding his phone up, and he's walking toward the hoop that gives you very cancer, and he's holding name that go and what we hear. Yeah. But I would argue like the old smucker's campaign with the name like hoop that gives you ovarian cancer. You've got to be good. No. That's how can it be good? Fis all chill. Must be so good. If that's what you're willing to name it, what it would be very good at giving you ovarian cancer. What, what about I'm not on the board. No, the place that manufacturers using third. Oh, I will. I will see the next shareholders meeting. It will be one of the topics I brought there are shareholders op. So Lutely this is a crime. A multi million dollar company, Reynald how out you're very outspoken about going to give you I like you Joe. But this is you're in over your skis here, this air field of expertise..

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