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On the ticket. Wait who the hell is third. If we're doing sports figures, I think I can make a solid argument for Don Shula. But we all we all agree. First and second it's not even close is not a reconnaissance Jason Taylor now. Third third. It's a hall of Famer first ballot. If we're including coaches, my mount Rushmore is Wade Marino, Shula and Riley. But what if you're not including coach, then then JT definitely is is up there. But is he third who would go ahead of Jason Taylor? I think you put Jason Taylor. Zach Thomas together. They were literally family, right? Oh for doing combos. I mean third might be LeBron for years about how about third being LeBron. About that. Because Jason Taylor was beloved down here. Even though he played for the jets people seem to forget about that. And the Redskins. While he was traded there. But the he made the decision to go to the hated rival jets. But it's all brawn. Okay. It's not that hard as I thought it was run. I don't think. Oh, Mike because it's got it. Can't just be excellent. Gotta be excellence and emotional connection to a dude that endures long after he's done playing it. Yeah. Well, two titles blue. No, none of those number one. And he didn't even win one titles. I think in this conversation longevity does come. That's why Zach Thomas would be up there. Very very popular for a very long time. Lonzo morning. Oh that that's a better one than I think Jason Taylor. Honestly, that's just because you're a basketball kid you football. I know you didn't love the dolphins fan. When Jason Taylor was close to his peak because when the Browns moved to Baltimore, I wasn't going to support the raven. So the dolphins were my team that whole Jimmy Johnson era. I really liked that team. But no, I think Alonzo Mourning if you're doing coaches, I know you do Riley and Shula. But Jimmy Johnson is well, no because of the hurricanes, right? You have to add the hurricanes. Still the only guy who's coach both teams. Yeah. But it did end as a bit of a disappointment down here. Head coach both teams want. He was a part of that that hurricane staff, and honestly what a legend. Cody, did you ever get into did you ever confirmed in anyone ever confirmed? The Dave wants that at one point was offered a ten or twenty year deal to be the university of Miami coach wild. He was the dolphin coach. It was something that I saw reported at the time. But I was never able to confirm it from anybody. I don't think it's ever been confirmed. But you remember what I'm talking about? Right. I remember hearing the speculation about that. I don't remember who reported it. I just remember hearing it as rumors and stuff. How jealous was Greg? Cody, Chris, how jealous was your father this morning that my Wade column got out there minutes before his did? He was on Twitter yesterday telling everybody, my Wade column drops at six AM. I did six AM sharp. Right. Wade column. Trump's right. I wanted online before you're calling and I did I'm not even kidding. I had a conversation yesterday with two of the herald sportscenter. Unlike oh, lebatardshow embargoed until seven. Thirty you know, what? He takes this morning asked me to unpick in your tweet from the that is not the truth. It would have been a good idea. I didn't think of it. I didn't mean to steal your thunder. They asked me my Mike knows because I was trying to I was trying to pawn..

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