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Morning here in the Bay Area early afternoon along the shores of the Allegheny River in the Steel City, the final game, the Jazz playing Pittsburgh this year, the Giants and the Pirates Game four of the four game series. Starting lineups for this room will start with the James who had a late change to the line up. You heard Gabe Kapler even just a few minutes ago on our pre game show. Talking about some of the players who were in there for the Giants. And since that conversation, the lineup change Brandon Belt who is still just not 100%. And it's a concern for the James because he is so important to their offense belt was scratched with the side tightness still lingering, James, You're gonna have to figure out a way to get him a few days of rest. Maybe something like that to see if they could get that thing cleared up because Even the last couple of games. I think you could see he was compromised with the way he was playing. Just not 100% belt was in there, but now he's not. Here is what the Giants lineup looks like. Mike Talk Hman. He's in center field hitting leadoff Mikey Stransky, the right fielder. Bad second Buster Posey doing the catching, hitting third Alex Dickerson off the injured list today. That's real good news for the James. He's in the cleanup spot now with no belt in there. Evan Longoria, third baseman banning fifth. Brandon Crawford, the shortstop hit six Darren Rough, will take belts Place and play first base hit seven for the Giants. Mauricio du Bon Second basement and eighth place hitter and the starting pitcher for the Giants Guy who's just done a terrific job. The left hander Alex would It'll be a six start of the year would is four. No with a 180 earned run average, tremendous pitching. By Alex would Meanwhile, the Pirates to straight walk off wins against the Giants in the last two nights. Very tough Jan's losses. Adam Frazier will hit leadoff, the National League's hits leader. At second base. Batting first. Kevin Newman, the shortstop, Bad second. Brian Reynolds, former James Minor Leaguer in center field. He hits third, Jacob Stallings, the catcher and the cleanup hitter. One of the heroes from last night. Well, Craig, first basement, batting fifth. Gonzalez. Third Basement hits six, then the lineup today. Chi Tom in left field, batting seventh. Troy Stokes Junior is the right fielder on the eight places her in the starting pitcher. Four. Pittsburgh is the right hander Mitch Keller. He bats night Keller over all this year's been a real up and down season for him. Seven starts a 781 earned run average. Despite that, when he's been good, he's actually been really good. Just had some blow up starts for the Pirates. Mitch Keller on the mound. Former second round draft biggie is important. He's for them. They're trying to get him right. He'll pitch against the Giants here this afternoon. So those are your lineups. The umpires for this game. Cory Blazer, the home plate umpire, Eric Backus at first Tom Hallion, the crew chief. It's second Mark Ripper, Jer the umpire. Along the third base line. This'll copyrighted broadcast is presented by authority of the San Francisco Giants may not be reproduced or retransmitted. In any form. The accounts of descriptions of this game may not be disseminated. Without the express written consent of the San Francisco Giants looks like just a little bit of breeze blowing through Pittsburgh at the moment, it is overcast. James manager Gabe Kapler also told us that but this morning it looked like it was going to stay at best sort of partly sunny, something like that. And so I think that does help the hitters. We've seen how the glare In this ballpark can be tough for hitters, especially in the late afternoon early evening shouldn't be as big of a deal in the mid afternoon like today's game, But still, I think the hitters will appreciate just a little bit overcast. If it stays around. That's what it looks like. It started The game today from PNC Park in Pittsburgh. Beautiful sight with Clemente Bridge connecting the ballpark side of town with downtown. There's lots of boats out on the Allegheny River today. Right near the confluence of the three Rivers. PNC Park, one of the most picturesque ballparks in all of Major League Baseball, James B. And Cincinnati along the banks of the Ohio River, starting tomorrow for a four game series is the road trip continues big game today for the Giants trying toe Bounce back from two straight tough losses. Mitch Keller's ready to go and his first pitch to Mike Talk Man is a fastball right down the middle for a called Strike One talk. Hman had a nice game yesterday through a couple of walks, hit his second Giants home run. Waiting for the old one pitch from the right hander Keller and it's very high with a fastball one in 1105 Eastern time. First pitch time. 70 degrees in Pittsburgh seems just about perfect game time attempt..

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