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TV almost had two goals here in game number six after the puck battle at center ice, and it's Connor Timmons, who forces his way through and gets it deep. White spot in the corner looking at the boards and it's tipped at center ice. Go ahead. Peter McNab, one of these is going to go in the Avalanche stick after you quite there. One of these rebounds or deflections is going to go to an avalanche. Every single one has gone to Vegas players. This is sent sky High by Timmins. Cloven O'Connor is there down the wall? Burakovsky again? Fan on it. Talk, takes it away. Banks it off the boards on towards center ice brought down by Sam Gerard touched by Vegas now. Hand pass. All they say he did didn't touch it. Now Police are grabs Logan O'Connor by the back of the head o Connor will give police are a face wash and the linesman had to get involved. We're a long way away, but I could have sworn that that was touched on the hand pass, But they disagree as we take a time out 12 44 to go in the second. Mikko Rantanen. His fifth goal of the playoffs on the power play has tied it up here in game 6 to 2 abs and Golden Knights. You're listening to the stand. Come playoffs on the altitude Radio network. Thank you. Colorado Avalanche hockey on the altitude radio Network. Hey, guys, this is Vic Lombardi. I want to talk to you about mental health. Yeah, Your mental health. Mental health isn't just for some people. It's for all of us. Whether you're in a tough place or.

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