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There emerged counts. There's bonus content bonus episodes behind the scenes videos autographed pictures. You can get all kinds of goodies at patriotic dot com slash. What gilbert godfried. That is correct. What are you going to do with the rest of your day. I hear darris dragging you to a barbecue. Yes it sounds exciting more. This you'll be approach to people who are nostalgic for the twenty tens. I thank you everybody on patriots on and thank you gino and josh chambers and michelle. Manon and greg pair and dino per serpico and john seals and everybody and jack vaughn aristotle fado and land romo and everybody who helps make this show as i always like to say it takes a village and thank you to all our patrons patrons patriotic patrons from the bottom of our heart. Did you want to add anything. I'd now did you want to do you want you want to sing the theme again. Hold up in the bronx brooklyn working out and fights at traffic jam in holland. That backed up to jackson heights data scout troop charter child. Cruise ships call you beautiful. Thank you gilbert. I thank you for everything you are and the gift that is you go enjoy. Enjoy your day in the sun. Oh god we'll see you guys next week okay. Next week everyone bobai done. Yeah like What's his name said that whole little bastards thrown that in local don. Yes everybody knows. In second life we all come back sooner. laid up anything from pussy cat to a manny. Now kedah well. You may think my story is more fiction than fact but believe it or not my mother dare. They sided. she'd come back acid car. She's guiding star twenty eight. That's my mother dare. She helps me to everything. I do when i'm so glad she's here. Well everything but daddy was. Well she wants me to. She's thinking member of moscow. Blow her radiator when things ain't going right and whatever she gets lonely we just all spend the night with my com shaved my very oh god star nineteen twenty eight. just all spend the night with my com shaved my very oh god star nineteen twenty eight. That's my motherhood. She helps me. Do everything i do and love to hear my the car on my mama. I was wondering. Do you think we could chip in and get an x k. One fifty i they j.j. gilbert god brayden. Would you like game per video. Shoutout from me gilbert godfried. Of course you would y you'll go to cameo dot com slash gilbert godfrey <hes> for birthdays weddings. Anniversaries graduations slowed. Stop go do cameo dot com slash gilbert gottfried. It's the perfect game.

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