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More of my conversation was Sterling K. Brown I time walking through Washington Square Park you from the Mid West and you see like rake dances. You see people playing music you see the old dudes playing chess. You got the students coming from nyu cutting through like sort of this magical vast Cornucopia of people spilling into an all these different things like this is New York City. Like I'm in it dude. I love cut through any excuse that could to cut rushing square park. Yeah always took. It might get offered a few things he hadn't heard of before I don't know that's experience. I think the West fourth stop is over that way until we get off on West fourth line lived in Brooklyn and cut through here to get to school and it was just. I talked about people watching what I mean like. This is a place where you watch until everybody's watching now. This is a good moment because years ago school. Watch other people absolutely and now everybody in the spark is watching you kinda crazy. Yeah it's Kinda crazy every once in a while. I fool myself into thinking that I'm still an incognito event but then there's like people stop and they pull out the camera I guess I guess not anymore cameras out. I don't think our nine anymore. What do what do you feel though when you come back to New York and you get to walk around and revisit some of these places that were so foundational for you. I remember the post that the city offers right like it's a city that has heartbeat right. And you start to walk differently. I move faster. We're like a sense of purpose when I'm New York City and I love that hustle right in La. Is this kind of like you sitting in your car. And you're talking on your phone and your chilling but like you won't pick people to like whereas La you have to plan tonight people right but you can just walk around like a minute when I because it's walking culture your access to people you feel more connected in New York City that you do anywhere else in this country. Yeah subway to subway do all the time. And my publicist freaks out is like why is he taking the subway? I'm like because it's my right eye one of the people. I can take the subway anytime I want to go for a walk and I'm like I'm putting my hood on. It's GONNA be okay. I do feel like you said this. New York's a little bit better though like they might just give you like a man. What's The walking keep walking? Hey love you on the show. Thanks a lot appreciate it. It's pretty easy here and I see famous people on the subway all the time and they don't get that's right so it's it does give you a bit more latitude but I'm always surprised especially for this is us. You think people are more jaded or not so cool like they're more cynical in New York. This huge fans everywhere. Every shows got a really beautiful. And do you get the tears in person? They come up. Do they see you. They remember an episode. That WanNa talk about the show. I'll get to hear some person and then I can i. Can I hug you and I'll be like yeah man? I'm down for the hug and we just squeeze it. Sometimes they hold on. I was like all right. We they like and then they're like. Oh that's the power of your show. That's the work. That's the power to shop power to show its reliability when people they see you and no you recognize a part of themselves in You. Just want to share that. Yeah Yeah thank you got it right on my huge thanks to Sterling K. Brown for a great conversation and again my gratitude for his opening up about such personal stories and details of his own life and Childhood and also for showing us around his old stomping grounds. His latest film waves is in theaters now and frozen two hits theaters on November. Twenty Second Maggie. Your big viewer of this is US I am. I know when my wife has it on and I come in. They're always I was GONNA say yes. Yep that's pretty much it it's I think somebody called it once or they said you know America just needs a good cry out so what happens is like it's just sometimes you just need that and it's that's that's a perfect show for it as he says in the interview. There's something in that show for everyone going relations something relating somebody Maggie. Thank you very much again. Management says changes things on the Sunday. Sit Down podcast. My thanks as always to all of you for tuning in this week..

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