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And it's a gm car so gm will assemble the prologue for honda and acura suv as well. Both of which will go on sale in two thousand twenty four when they say seventy thousand a year. Does that mean when it gets up to speed like twenty five twenty six. Maybe not part of the press release wasn't clear humble hasn't disclosed which plot will build the vehicles. They haven't named volume targets for the accurate. Either dave gardner is the executive vice president of national operations at american automotive company and saying in a statement that honda will focus the prologue sales on california and other states like texas and florida. He said honda plans do add hybrid electric systems to some more of the us models according to a reuters dot com report. Today which i'll pop in the show notes if you want to read more very very interesting story. It's on olympic blogs and lots of people are talking about it and to me. That seems like a really low an ambitious number. But what do you reckon if you have a different. Take email me and tell me that i'm wrong. I'm seeing in in in the wrong way. Even toyota give a hard time. Say because dragon the hails but even toyota have big. It's targets than that. But maybe there's they still keep talking about I'll talk about this. Maybe some more or less on a special show like Toyo- toyota and honda ra many of the the japanese manufacturers the ones that ideologically absolutely obsessed with hydrogen and really won't hydrogen to work and it won't for personal mobility is via talk about this thing like the enemy is in the internal combustion engine. The enemy is carbon dioxide. And if we're going to get like our engines to be a bit more efficient and emit a bit less carbon dioxide. Well then we've improved it Okay yes i see that failed logic working around the boardroom table where nobody is. The culture is going to stand up and say absolutely wrong. So i don't know it'd be left behind. Who knows honda know their business far better than i do. So we'll wait and see how that one shakes out next. Gmc's hama the ev. But he's going to get so much excitement and then they sent aria a call that frankly should be on the market by now already have both been spotted in the same place of the same time. And it was an electrified. America charging station. It was a driver who was coming through to charge a youtube. Finally everyone's a damn youtube these days. He was Who was driving through the greater toronto and hamilton area to normal illinois to go and have a look at the riviera and he said while a supercharge today the happens to be next to electrify america station. I ended up spotting the hummer suv and the pole star to and this area all of them on obtain neom. As far as i know. I know the pulse dot says on sale. Isn't it maybe talking about the new. More refreshed pollster to the electrify. America's station was particularly detroit. He said and took some more photo's he says i got more content soon. Which is what we call everything. These days particularly youtube as money. I'm a content creator. Yes brilliant lump me in with the rest of them so really interesting. They are out testing charging stations. And it fills me with so much confidence because it's exactly what you need to you. Got the hama av ready the nissan. Our you already get it on the road. Who cares who sees it. We know the things look like anyway. Get him on the road. Start charging plug them in zero percent. Plug them when they're hall plug on me when that cold camel do some testing make sure when they hit the The road the absolutely ready for primetime. Next hyundai's ionic six appears to be a little bit delayed. This is a single source report. At least it's autocar magazine. Who i do trust but is anyplace i can find this story. Hyundai's second electric car. The onic six has been spotted on the road for the first time motorcars spy photographers have. Got some shots of it. But they say that the design is going to change substantially according to the korean economic daily. The launch of the ionic six has been pushed back to mid twenty twenty two to allow the body to get longer by twenty millimeters. I mean that's not much already. The bumpers and lights will be restyled significantly. The battery will get bigger. Seventy two to seventy seven kilowatt hours now. The vs belated launch says autocar has been attributed to a delay to overhaul the factory where it's going to be made on the site currently builds combustion sonatas and it's going to be rebuilt to make igam chaka's e. g. m. p. is the platform underpinning hyundai kia genesis. Now the seventy seven kilowatt hour battery pack. I will hang on. Let me be specific. Also say the battery pack is already available. I will say a battery. Pack is available. That has the same size. It doesn't mean it's the battery. Pack from the ev six. Yes it's the same size but it doesn't mean it's the same battery you know. People made that mistake with the hyundai kona and the kea eniro because it had the same kilowatt hours and they were like well. It's the same battery pack in both. Say it was one of the biggest misconceptions in the mainstream media like well. It's the same battery but what you know what you prefer. It's an entirely different battery. Supply the numbers the same. I think one of them was kind of one of those eljay oil. But you know you need to be careful but yes is the same battery size. The six doesn't mean it's getting the kea battery or it could mean it is. But that's a bit of a bigger battery than the ionic five on that one next be pay which bought out charge master here in the uk and rebranded network bp pulse. And i've talked about it before. I'm having some real problems of the minute. I've been telling up charging stations at debt that turned off. My cobb has been deactivated. I pay every single month. But every time i swipe the card it says invalid card. I've gotten onto car as well. They must have hundreds thousands of bp cards in there. That glovebox is a big corporate customer. Even cheekily tried my onto card when trying to charge my own car. Don't tell onto. I'm sure they wouldn't mind that. Said invalid card as well so look. The whole thing is a mess at the mini in my opinion well. Two of their big investments are losing tens of millions of dollars a year according to a reuters review financial filings with companies house which is corporate registry here. Bp she owns half of light source. That's a solar energy company and they lost a combined fifty nine point three million pounds. That's about eighty two million. Us equivalent in two thousand eighteen and twenty nine. The companies charging firm bp pulse also lost a combined. Twenty two point three million pounds. I related two years. It's by thirty one million. Us dollars as down. That's crazy amounts of money to be losing on a charging that work which it seems to me. They can't keep maintained and i've given up using people's haven't counseled my monthly membership yet. And i know that sounds a bit daf. I've wanted to support the company. And i'm still giving them my money. Yeah that does sound off. Doesn't it stop looking at them. Because i've been let down so many times on the network which is losing twenty two point three million pounds over those two years. How do you then say well. We're losing a lot of money. But let's invest more money. The can't even stand still let alone move forward. The company acknowledging its fast-growing energy businesses like solar and the charges will lose money at least until twenty five for bp pulse. They've got big plans. Though they want to operate seventy thousand charging points by twenty thirty. They've got about eleven thousand dollars now. I think Which is crazy. Stop building new ones. Stop by the ones you've got because everyone is really angry. The i've spoken to with bp pulse. We'll be peace chief executive looney. I'd love five minutes with him. Because i don't think he drives evasion charges on that station's he took ferron. He took office in february last year. He's gambling the bp can make the clean energy transition faster than its pairs share prices down. What forty percent. Since he took.

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