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And just like that. Were in. Another week. Not Doing in another episode another episode. Yeah, right not not determined amount of time since the last episode I hate that I am stuck doing that I feel like I've I've really dug in there. But there's always ways. And stroke just jumping Ron. Right, but so, what did I say did I say it was episode, Fifteen Thousand Turnarounds Episode, Jacob. This is this is this is off to just they told you. Tonight less than middle of the week, just some backstory. I'm getting prepared to move and stuff, and so it's just it's chaos. My brain is Jello. Not that it's ever not I. Guess Well you're you're you're preparing a house to move into? I'm leaving tomorrow morning to go on vacation for two weeks. which by the way we're GONNA take a little break because I think we both need it. We'll see how useful I can. Make the time. You're on vacation, so it really you know I'm going to go spend some quality time with family. You need to prepare a house to live in. Gush, so we're giving ourselves some breaks. One of us is getting off easy. Let me tell you what I've already done my housework. That's true. I built a tree house last week. Hey there, you go. I never asked how that went, but that was. The discussion anyway, okay, win great. Maybe it wasn't I. Don't remember. How far we're a minute a half into this. We have no idea what's happening. Fourteen is happening. That's what we know. It is Let's see were in Hebrews. That's what we know so far. were in Hebrews five year narrow down bit You're gonNA read basically the rest of five or that. We have read soaring verse love and go while about halfway through chapter six I think. What honey register? Yeah, there's nineteen civics. Don't matter you're right. They don't but yeah by halfway through chapter six. Yeah, so. As as usual. Do you want to maybe jumping us a little bit of? If the first episode. What do you need to now? This is your first time listening to our. PODCAST here, thank you so much for listening. That winter for I thought it was GONNA. If you've been listening, thanks for coming back and listening some more. But now we'll give a brief review. Review is what I think. You're review. To. A review in review. So, as Asia's not coming fast now, it's really not so last week we ended chapter four and began chapter five, because verses and chapters don't really actually matter in the context of most of these letters, but we talked about the importance of Jesus as our high or the importance of high priest, because Jesus is our high priest Than the second point was. That this Guy Mel Kizer deck which kind of appears out.

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